Horse racing, Tampa Bay Downs

Tampa Bay Downs stakes opinions for Saturday, Feb. 8

EIGHTH RACE: 1. Got Stormy, 2. Altea, 3. Andina Del Sur, 4. Phantom Opening. LONG SHOT: A.A. Azula’s Arch.

NINTH RACE: 1. Comical, 2. Motu, 3. Two Sixty, 4. Blame Debbie. LONG SHOT: We the Clouds.

10TH RACE: 1. Hembree, 2. Halladay, 3. March to the Arch, 4. Real Story. LONG SHOT: Admiralty Pier.

11TH race: 1. Premier Star, 2. Independence Hall, 3. Ajaaweed, 4. Sole Volante. LONG SHOT: Chapalu.

Good luck.

Top choice winners: 1 (Wish Upon $6, fifth race)
Second choice winners: 4 (Thorceress $8.40, first; Melissani $2.60, third; Tale of V K $3.80, sixth; Mr Maurice $4.60, seventh)
Third choice winners: 2 (High Rolling Dude $8.60, eighth; Peace Taker $10.80, ninth)
Long shot winners: 0
Top choice winners: 3 (Quartermaster $4.60, second race; Fast Fairy $5.40, third; Do What It Takes $6.60, eighth)
Second choice winners: 1 (Elusive Ryder $5, sixth)
Third choice winners: 2 (Doc Kane $4.40, first; Fashion Rules $5.80, fourth)
Long shot winners: 2 (Outburst $9.80, seventh; Candy Money $7.40, ninth)
Horse racing, Tampa Bay Downs

Tampa Bay Downs opinions for Sunday, Jan. 26

FIRST RACE: 1. Tithed, 2. Estilo Peligroso, 3. Kid Drama. LONG SHOT: Tinker’s Pal.

SECOND RACE: 1. Enduros Tigress, 2. Miss Helen, 3. Extra Salsa. LONG SHOT: Sunshine Smiles.

THIRD RACE: 1. Ares Warrior, 2. Battle Creek, 3. Duxbury. LONG SHOT: Pretty Chitu.

FOURTH RACE: 1. Six Sided Bling, 2. Perfetto, 3. Unspoiled Moments. LONG SHOT: Papa Caliente.

FIFTH RACE: 1. Fade Away (best bet), 2. Paradise Island, 3. Flight Deck. LONG SHOT: Truly Stellar.

SIXTH RACE: 1. Classy Lynn, 2. Bizness Beauty, 3. Get Rewarded. LONG SHOT: Shenu Shenume.

SEVENTH RACE: 1. Zechariah, 2. Nation U S A, 3. The Spider. LONG SHOT: Eternal Cross.

EIGHTH RACE: 1. Adult in the Room, 2. Sweet Blossom, 3. Stormy D. LONG SHOT: Itsgottabemyway.

NINTH RACE: 1. Roller Rolls On, 2. Corcoran, 3. Mr. Maurice. LONG SHOT: Ifeelgood.

Good luck.


Top choice winners: 1 (Faction Cat $2.60, fifth race)

Second choice winners: 2 (Mr Joshua $7, third; Charging Renee $2.80, fourth)

Third choice winners: 1 (Darlindiva $7, seventh)

Long shot winners: 1 (My Girl Annie $12.80, eighth)


Top choice winners: 1 (R Lovely Julz $3.80, fourth race)

Second choice winners: 2 (Fortile $7.40, third; Zefiro $4.80, eighth)

Third choice winners: 1 (Last Promise $6, seventh)

Long shot winners: 4 (Wild Winter $24.20, first; Call Me Handsome $17, second; Dazzling Truths $11.60, fifth; Centsless Drama $22, 10th)

Horse racing, Tampa Bay Downs

Tampa Bay Downs opinions for Thursday, Jan. 23

FIRST RACE: 1. Zieg, 2. Poznan, 3. Rogue Rage. LONG SHOT: De Kooning.

SECOND RACE: 1. Championship Alley, 2. Street Legacy, 3. Blame the Makers. LONG SHOT: Arba.

THIRD RACE: 1. Rattlesnakerose, 2. Luna Azteca, 3. Northern Wind. LONG SHOT: Mystique Artiste.

FOURTH RACE: 1. Gator Posse 2. I Say I Play, 3. It’s Mandatory. LONG SHOT: Florida Express.

FIFTH RACE: 1. Forward Motion (best bet), 2. Singanothersong, 3. Native Hawk. LONG SHOT: Dilettante.

SIXTH RACE: 1. Dig In, 2. The Exception, 3. Familiar Dream. LONG SHOT: Upper Crown.

SEVENTH RACE: 1.Zao’s Dream, 2. Bella Bella, 3. Secret of Life. LONG SHOT: Touchet.

EIGHTH RACE: 1. Hifalutin, 2. My Girl Sweet, 3. Sweet Leaf. LONG SHOT: Sharon’s Law.

NINTH RACE: 1. Jost Sayin, 2. Whispering Wanda, 3. Feeling Good. LONG SHOT: Scowling Ridge.

Good luck.


Horse racing, Tampa Bay Downs

Tampa Bay Downs opinions for Thursday, Dec. 26

FIRST RACE: 1. Flash Man, 2. Elvis Cole, 3. Zechariah. LONG SHOT: Foot in the Door.

SECOND RACE: 1. Steady Earner, 2. Wapiti Way, 3. Striking Heir. LONG SHOT: Nicole Munnings.

THIRD RACE : 1. Lil Brown Sparrow, 2. Sweet Blossom, 3. Abilify. LONG SHOT: More Than Gracious.

FOURTH RACE: 1. Elusive Ryder, 2. Tale of V K, 3. Brewedtobeperfect. LONG SHOT: Dating.

FIFTH RACE: 1. Travel Agent, 2. Tactical Quality, 3. Participation Cup. LONG SHOT: Hay Bo.

SIXTH RACE: 1. Commander’s Intent, 2. Shakem N Breakem. 3. Acaseaday. LONG SHOT: Mighty Pete.

SEVENTH RACE: 1. And Won, 2. Namarunu., 3. Boubon Extension. LONG SHOT: Coltrane.

EIGHTH RACE: 1. Fashion Rules (best bet), 2. Speedy Vanessa, 3. Flashing Red. LONG SHOT: My Girl Sweet.

NINTH RACE: 1. Nobodyknowsnothin, 2. Day Trip, 3. Kholstomer. LONG SHOT: Blame the Makers.

Good luck.


Top choice winners: 2 (Lil’s Turn $4.40, first race; Dream Liner $7.80, second)

Second choice winners: 1 (Strong Gem $10.80, third)

Third choice winners: 2 (Simple Great $4.60 eighth; Slick as Ice $8.20, 10th)

Long shot winners: 1 (Caspian Tale $13.40, seventh)

Horse racing, Tampa Bay Downs

Tampa Bay Downs opinions for Friday, Dec. 20

FIRST RACE: 1. Reeder (best bet), 2. D’craziness, 3. Legacy Azteca. LONG SHOT: Resident.

SECOND RACE: 1. Charging Renee, 2. Capturemenow, 3. Shenu Shenume. LONG SHOT: Bella Gianna.

THIRD RACE: 1. Painter’s Pride, 2. Browns Gap, 3. Done Acting. LONG SHOT: The Great Loudini.

FOURTH RACE: 1. Flaming Indy, 2. Ferland’s Prospect, 3. Our Little Devil. LONG SHOT: Bareback Fun.

FIFTH RACE: 1.Whispering Slow, 2. Summer Clothes, 3. Micheline. LONG SHOT: Moon Rover.

SIXTH RACE: 1. Brandt, 2. Last Promise, 3. Epic Junior. LONG SHOT: High Rolling Dude.

SEVENTH RACE: 1. Marmalade, 2. Alabama Bound, 3. Morgan’s Z Va. LONG SHOT: Takin It Easy.

EIGHTH RACE: 1. Nick the Cardshark, 2. Zorb, 3. Tony. LONG SHOT: Johnny U.

NINTH RACE: 1. Zodiac Princess, 2. Stormy D, 3. Haniel. LONG SHOT: Sundrenched.

Good luck.

Horse racing, Tampa Bay Downs

Tampa Bay Downs opinions for Wednesday, Nov. 27 (Opening day)

FIRST RACE: 1. Ben of the Bush, 2. Attack Zone, 3. Man Upstairs. LONG SHOT: Johnny Action.

SECOND RACE: 1. Prima Gold, 2. Simply Great, 3. Luna Azteca. LONG SHOT: Flashy Patch.

THIRD RACE: 1. Shakem N Breakem, 2. Attika, 3. Maspero. LONG SHOT: Commander’s Intent.

FOURTH RACE: 1. HALFBACK (BEST BET), 2. Josie’s Riddle, 3. Tony. LONG SHOT: Miami Smuggler.

FIFTH RACE: 1. Payday Too, 2. Mr. Discretionary, 3. Break in the Storm. LONG SHOT: Toss.

SIXTH RACE: 1. Two Step Beat, 2. Tale of V K, 3. Victim. LONG SHOT: Discrimanation.

SEVENTH RACE: 1. Astute Warrior, 2. Front Line Paige, 3. Domain. LONG SHOT: Enduring Honor.

EIGHTH RACE: 1. Box Candy, 2. Lem Me Tel Ya, 3. King Daddio. LONG SHOT: Credit Cycle.

NINTH RACE: 1. Zodiac Princess, 2. Jost Sayin, 3. Painted Image. LONG SHOT: Lovely Arabella.

Good luck.

Churchill Downs, Horse racing, Kentucky Derby, Tampa Bay Downs

Churchill Downs opinions for Saturday, May 4 (plus some Tampa Bay Downs)

Preview: Expect a wet track at some point today and a softer turf course. Rain is suppose to hit hardest around 1 p.m.

12TH RACE (Grade I Kentucky Derby: 1. Improbable, 2. Game Winner, 3. Roadster, 4. Vekoma. LONG SHOT: By My Standards.
If it’s Derby Day we must be in trainer Bob Baffert’s world and we’re just living in it. Baffert can pull off a race feat here by hitting the trifecta with all three of his entries. Improbable is my choice off his runner-up efforts to Omaha Beach, who had to scratch out of the race with a balky throat. All three of Baffert’s horses, including Game Winner and Roadster, are coming up to the race in fine form and a win by any of them wouldn’t surprise me.

Other Churchill Downs stakes

SIXTH RACE (Grade I Humana Distaff): 1. Talk Veuve to Me, 2. Marley’s Freedom, 3. Spiced Perfection, 4. Emboldened. LONG SHOT: Mia Mischief.

SEVENTH RACE )Grade II Churchill Distaff Turf Mile): 1. Beau Recall, 2. Daddy Is a Legend, 3. Precieuse, 4. Valedictorian. LONG SHOT: Environs.

EIGHTH RACE (Grade I Churchill Downs): 1. Do Share, 2. Mitole, 3. Uncontested, 4. Whitmore. LONG SHOT: Warrior’s Club.

NINTH RACE (Grade II American Turf): 1. Marquee Prince, 2. Seismic Wave, 3. Digital Age, 4. Social Paranoia. LONG SHOT: Henley’s Joy.

10TH RACE (Grade III Pat Day Mile): 1. Instagrand, 2. Durkin’s Call, 3. Mr Money Bags, 4. Last Judgment. LONG SHOT: Dunph.

11TH RACE (Grade I Turf Classic): 1. Brick and Mortar (best bet), 2. Multiplier, 3. Ticonderoga, 4. Next Shares. LONG SHOT: Synchrony.

FOURTH RACE: 1. Sir Higgins, 2. Market Swings, 3. No choice. LONG SHOT: Trap Music.
SEVENTH RACE: 1. Pure Luck, 2. Silver Shield, 3. Solid. LONG SHOT: Edelman’s Catch.
10TH RACE: 1. Sugar Cane Girl, 2. Crown of Joy, 3. Speeding Starlet. LONG SHOT: Patient Digna.
Good luck.
Horse racing, Keeneland, Keeneland Race Course, Oaklawn Park, Tampa Bay Downs

Keeneland and Oaklawn Park stakes opinions for Saturday, April 13 (Plus Tampa Bay)


SEVENTH RACE (Ben Ali): 1. Nun the Less 2ND PAID $9.60 TO PLACE, 2. Bonus Points, 3. Hence. LONG SHOT: Third Day.

EIGHTH RACE (Giant’s Causeway): 1. Mrs. Ramona G. SCRATCHED, 2. Morticia WINNER $6.40, 3. Excessivespending COLD EXACTA $26.80. LONG SHOT: Surrender Now. TRIFECTA $27.30 for 50 cents

NINTH RACE (Lexington): 1. Anothertwistafate 2ND PAID $3.60 TO PLACE, 2. Sueno THIRD, 3. Shang. LONG SHOT: Hawaiian Noises.

10TH RACE (Jenny Wiley): 1. Rymska SECOND, 2. Rushing Fall WINNER $3.80 REVERSE EXACTA $7.40, 3. Onthemoonagain, 4. Bellavais.


NINTH RACE (Oaklawn Handicap): 1. Quip WINNER $13, 2. Rated R Superstar, 3. Giant Expectations. LONG SHOT: Lookin At Lee.

11TH RACE (Arkansas Derby) : 1. Omaha Beach WINNER $5.40, 2. Galilean, 3. Improbable SECOND, 4. Long Range Toddy. LONG SHOT: Tikhvin Flew.


SECOND RACE: 1. R True Sensation WINNER $5.40, 2. Lovetobehappy, 3. Taylor’s Belle. LONG SHOT: U Know I B Lion.

THIRD RACE: 1. Spectacular Plum WINNER $9, 2. First Reward, 3. Trumpi. LONG SHOT: Candy Cove. COLD EXACTA $66.20; COLD TRIFECTA $102.30 for $1

SIXTH RACE: 1. Architect SECOND AT 19-1 PAID $19.60 TO PLACE, 2. Luna, 3. Itsagimme’s Girl. LONG SHOT: Red Curls.

SEVENTH RACE: 1. Silver Duke WINNER $54.80, 2. Peas and Carrots, 3. Money Broker. LONG SHOT: Tamper (SCRATCHED). COLD EXACTA $189; COLD TRIFECTA $198.55 for 50 cents

Good luck.

Horse racing, Santa Anita, Tampa Bay Downs

Santa Anita and Tampa Bay Downs opinions for Saturday, Feb. 9

PREVIEW: Had some family issues on Friday so didn’t get to handicap the full Santa Anita card. Beside, it was suppose to rain overnight leaving the condition of the main track and turf course in question. I will be surprised if anything other than the stakes races are run on the grass. I have handicapped only the stakes races in Arcadia today.
I have also included the four stakes races being run at Tampa Bay Downs today.


RACE 5 (Grade Ii Las Virgenes): 1. Bellafina, 2. Enaya Alrabb, 3. Mother Mother. LONG SHOT: Tomlin.

RACE 7 (Grade III Thunder Road): 1. Blackjackcat, 2. Le Ken, 3. River Boyne. LONG SHOT: True Valour.

RACE 9 (Grade II San Marcos): 1. Chicago Style, 2. Beach View, 3. Epical. LONG SHOT: Sejo.
First off, let me say I handicapped this race thinking trainer Bob Baffert will scratch Roman Rosso and Dabster if this race stays on the grass. Both horses have never run on the green stuff and I don’t Baffert intends to do it here. I also don’t think Prince of Arabia will run if it’s not on the main track. Love Chicago Style here. He can handle a softer turf course and others in here have proven they can’t.


EIGHTH RACE (Grade III Tampa Bay) 1. Qurbaan, 2. Heart to Heart, 3. Inspector Lynley. LONG SHOT: Irish Strait.

NINTH RACE (Suncoast): 1. Her Royal Highness, 2. Sweet Diane, 3. Lady Kate. LONG SHOT: Point of Honor.

10TH RACE (Grade III Endeavour): 1. Get Explicit, 2. Bombshell, 3. Hawksmoor. LONG SHOT: Viva Vegas.
Note: Trainer Chad Brown intends to scratch Rymska and run her at Gulfstream Park.

11TH RACE (Grade III Sam F. Davis): 1. Well Defind, 2. Knicks Go, 3. Cave Run. LONG SHOT: Still Dreaming.

Good luck.


Top choice winners: 4 (Runningwscissors $5, first race; Award It $4.20, third; Red King $7.40, sixth; Mobou $4.40, eighth)

Second choice winners: 0

Third choice winners: 2 (Mongolian Window $6.80, second; Ax Man $6.20, seventh)

Long shot winners: 0