Del Mar, Horse racing

Del Mar selections for Thursday, Dec. 1

Preview: Jockey Flavien Prat will miss the remainder of the meet after being thrown from a mount on Sunday. Prat saw blood in his urine and doctors told him not to ride again until Dec. 26, opening day at Santa Anita. There will be plenty of jock changes Thursday and Friday so pay attention.

Sorry late again.

Race 1: #6 Easter Fever (2-1) BEST BET, 2. Ron Sophia, 3. Princess Kendra. LONG SHOT: Q’Viva.
Could be a single on most Picks 5s. Trainer Phil D’Amato is 22% first off the claim and 2-for-5 when dropping off the claim. Even with the drop, if D’Amato wins and the 4-year-old gets claimed he makes a nice profit. This 4-year-old has has good early speed.

Race 2: 1. T. Montana, 2. Sorry Erik, 3. Beantown Noys. LONG SHOT: Mizzen Me.

Race 3: 1. Nat’s Nation, 2. Malko, 3. Trust Your Gut. LONG SHOT: Motoring Around.

Race 4: #6 Princess Marie (6-1), 2. Big Adventure, 3. War Factor. LONG SHOT: Dumont.
This filly has had trouble in her last two starts and now she goes two turns for the first time. Trainer Kristin Mulhall is 24% when she has two sprints into a route. Mulhall had secured leading jockey Prat before his injury so that’s a good sign.

Race 5: 1. Halo Darling, 2. Conquest So True, 3. Sid the Squid. LONG SHOT: Flaming Vixen.

Race 6: 1. Alright Alright, 2. Blameitonthelaw, 3. Indavidualist. LONG SHOT: Act.

Race 7: 1. Guns Loaded, 2. Siletn Bird, 3. Conquest Cobra. LONG SHOT: El Huerfano.

Race 8: #7 Bona Fide Image (5-1), 2. Another Girl Alma, 3. Bissou Bissou. LONG SHOT: Rally Back.
Trainer Bill Spawr isn’t know for his work with 2-year-olds but this filly could be sitting on a win after trouble in her last race. Spawr is 21% with maiden claimers and 18% with beaten favorites. He also has a good late kick and jockey Tyler Baze keeps the mount.

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Del Mar, Horse racing

Del Mar selections for Friday, Nov. 11

Preview: The fall meet returns to the seaside oval for the third year now. On opening day for some reason the Jimmy Durante Turf Course is at 12 feet instead of being zero. Don’t ask me why. As the rails come out, look for speed to prevail but for now here’s hoping it’s a fair grass course. .

Race 1: 1. #2 Perfect Set (6-1), 2. Out of Patience, 3. Rough Passage. LONG SHOT: Alex Rossi.
This gelding was claimed last time out by Anthony Saavedra no doubt with this meet in mind. The 7-year-old has a 7-2-1-2 record at Del Mar. This is his second race off the layoff and he should be tighter.

Race 2: 1. Desert Madam, 2. Ponder Lea, 3. Enduring Erin. LONG SHOT: Lookout Sister.

Race 3: 1. Celebrated Talent, 2. Tribal Jewel, 3. Forest Blue. LONG SHOT: City Steel.

Race 4. 1. Ciao Bella Rosa, 2. Tammy’s Window, 3. Go Argento. LONG SHOT: Mo Style.

Race 5: 1. #2 Dman Doughty (12-1), 2. Dixie Pistol, 3. Dynamic Ruler. LONG SHOT: Pumpkin Star.
Trainer Robertino Diodoro knows how to win with first-time starters (21%) and 2-year-olds (22%). This is a son of U S Ranger, who gets 9% winners first time out. Jockey Joe Talamo takes the mount.

Race 6: 1. Bird E House, 2. All Call, 3. Winning Causeway. LONG SHOT: Comes the Dream.

Race 7: 1. #2 Hot Rodin (9-2), 2. Admiral’s Club, 3. Salient. LONG SHOT: Country Road.
This gelding bobbled at the start in his last and still showed speed, like he has in all of his races. Speed can be dangerous on this track and the 3-year-old shortens up. Norberto Arroyo takes over for trainer Kristin Mulhall.

Race 8: 1. Keri Belle, 2. Sobradora, 3. Amboseli. LONG SHOT: Do the Dance.

Race 9: 1. Buzzer Beater, 2. Aiming Straight, 3. Wake the Dawn. LONG SHOT: Zanab.

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Del Mar, Horse racing

Del Mar selecttions for Friday, Aug. 19 (First post 4 p.m.)

Preview: The main track has played different on different days of the week. The track usually gets dug up after training hours on Fridays for the later post time so beware. So trainers having a tough meet on the dirt are Cesar Dominguez 0-for-14, invader Chris Hartman 1-for 12, Keith Desormeaux 1-17 and Kristin Mulhall 1-15.

Race 1: 1. Top of the Game, French General.2. Magical Mystery, 3. Bollywood. LONG SHOT: Student Body Left.

Race 2: 1. Dutt Bart, 2. Cioppino Pasadino, 3. Ninety Nine Proof. LONG SHOT:

Race 3: 1. #3 With a Twist (9-2), 2. Molly’s Honour, 3. Swiss Skimmer. LONG SHOT: General Ann.
This mare’s last race was the first time she has lost on this turf course in four tries. That didn’t stop trainer Jeff Mullins from claiming her and moving her up in class. Mullins puts apprentice Chad Lindsay aboard and I think he wants to go to the front with the rails at 30 feet.

Race 4: 1. #2 Shanghai Beauty (6-1), 2. Vow Me Over, 3. Nazareth. LONG SHOT: Mint Julep Taffy.
Trainer Bill Spawr is a master at the claiming game, winning 34% first off the claim. This filly is actually taking a class drop from an open claiming to a non-winners of two. The 3-year-old bobbled at the start and now Martin Pedroza gets aboardh.

Race 5: 1. #6 Aeon (3-1) BEST BET, 2. Fin de Semaine, 3. Moose Skowron. LONG SHOT: Broken Up.
This gelding showed improvement first time on the turf and gets a key jockey switch to master grass rider Flavien Prat. Trainer Eddie Truman is 32% third time off the layoff and the 3-year-old has that key element of speed on this turf course.

Race 6: 1. Informant, 2. Broken Marriage, 3. Gemini Journey. LONG SHOT: Hellacious Hadlee.

Race 7: 1. Fanticola, 2. Annulment, 3. Generosidade. LONG SHOT: Energia Fribby.

Race 8: 1. Alltheleavesrbrown, 2. Where’s the Moon, 3. Thesheetsguy. LONG SHOT: Valentine Boy.

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Del Mar, Horse racing

Del Mar selections for Thursday, Aug. 4

Preview: The middle of the meet woes have hit as there are less than 60 horses entered on this card. Some trainers off to slow starts are Mike Puype 1-for-22, Kristin Mulhall 1-for-18 plus Keith Desormeaux and Bob Hess Jr., both 1-for-16.

Race 1: 1. Celebrity Status, 2. Ain’t No Other, 3. Senator Bob. LONG SHOT: Tripski.

Race 2: 1. Arrogate, 2. Five Palms, 3. Teniente Coronel. LONG SHOT: Mystery Train.

Race 3: 1. Moose Skowron, 2. Handsome Hank, 3. Quorum of Joy. LONG SHOT: Proud Zoning.

Race 4: 1. #5 Tattooed Kitty (4-1) BEST BET, 2. Lil Miss Sapphire, 3. Holy Mosey. LONG SHOT: Zensational Dancer.
Trainer Peter Miller has a penchant for scoring with first-timers from San Luis Rey Downs, like this filly. We love the sire Wildcat Heir (15% first time out) and Miller puts Brayan Pena aboard.

Race 5: 1. #3 Hell On Wheels (12-1), 2. Lamontagne, 3. Discatsonthesquare. LONG SHOT: Lemon de Oro.
It isn’t often you get double-digits on a horse trained Phil D’Amato but that’s what we are getting here. D’Amato is 24% with horses coming off a 90-plus day layoff and she has plenty of early foot in this turf sprint. The sire Speightstown gets 12% winners first time turf.

Race 6: 1. Prime Issue, 2. Eight Spokes, 3. Signature Cat. LONG SHOT: Pulla Train.

Race 7: 1. #1 Dame Street (9-2), 2. How Unusual, 3. Mo Knows. LONG SHOT: Lunar Empress.
It’s that man Phil D’Amato again as he gets this filly off 2-for-2 efforts on the grass at Tampa Bay Downs. Top grass jockey Flavien Prat takes the mount for this improving 3-year-old and he’s 28% with D’Amato.

Race 8: 1. Soap Box, 2. Triple Clown, 3. Jimmy the Juice. LONG SHOT: Accordance.

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Del Mar, Horse racing

Del Mar selections for Friday, July 22 (First post 4 p.m.)

Preview: Speed again was king on the main track on Wednesday and winners continue to come off the rail from the two slot on in the stretch and then just pull away. Keep it in mind. Eight races on Wednesday and eight different jockeys won so no one is hot right now.

Race 1: 1. #5 Cherokee in Me(5-1), 2. Summer Veil, 3. Amberella. LONG SHOT: Midnight Lady.
Trainer Armando Lage brings a string down from Northern California, including this filly, who is 2-for-2 in dirt races. The 4-year-old has the top Brisnet Prime and Late Pace Ratings. Also jockey Abel Cedillo is 53% with Lage.

Race 2: 1. Blue Chat, 2. Too Much Drama, 3. Ask Me I Might. LONG SHOT: Jeoffie.

Race 3: 1. Tough Emblem, 2. Radio Silent, 3. All Star parade. LONG SHOT: Armored Car.

Race 4: 1. #9 Trust Ur Intuition (8-1), 2. Sharaun, 3. Silver Mojave. LONG SHOT: Run Like the Boss.
This Cal-bred has been running in claimers at Gulfstream Park and trainer Kristin Mulhall ships her back to face state breds. Mulhall is 20% with shippers and 20% off 31-60-day layoffs. Good gate jockey Martin Pedroza rides and is 18% with Mulhall.

Race 5: 1. Pray Hard, 2. Too Fast to Pass, 3. Distinctive B. LONG SHOT: Dadtaughtmewell.

Race 6: 1. El Super, 2. Little Scotty, 3. Willing to Travel. LONG SHOT: Malko.

Race 7: Enola Gray, 2. Allsquare, 3. Fantasy of Luck. LONG SHOT: Roo’s Valentine.

Race 8: 1. #1 Gio Mio (8-1), 2. The Big Train, 3. Lord of Chaos. LONG SHOT: Admiral’s Club.
Looks like this gelding’s last race was a prep for this spot. If you look over this 3-year-olds PPs you”ll notice his best career race was over this turf course for jockey Victor Espinoza. Trainer Art Sherman has the same conditions here and he’s 25% with Espinoza. The sire Gio Ponti gets 10% turf winners.

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Thursday’s top choice winners: 2 (Gunslinger $4.80, first race; Warm Endowment $8.60, fifth)

Thursday’s second choice winners: 2 (Pico Chick $6.20, second; Five Star Jack $13.40, eighth)

Thursday’s third choice winners: 2 (Freddies Dream $26, third; Plastered $4, sixth)

Thursday’s long shot winners: 0

Belmont Park, Horse racing, Santa Anita

Santa Anita opinions for Friday, June 10 (Plus Belmont Park stakes)

Preview: Just two turf races on the card and the rails at 30 feet so speed will likely dominate. Jockeys to avoid on the grass right now are Drayden Van Dyke (1-for-25), Edwin Maldonado (1-28) and Martin Garcia (0-19). We had two winners and third-place horse on Thursday.

Race 3 – SA
#3 Hayley’s Comment: Just gave an even effort in her debut and now go two turns. Red-hot Flavien Prat takes over in the saddle and trainer Kristin Mulhall is 21% going from sprint to route.

Race 5 – SA
#8 Aqua Frio: Trainer Blaine Wright has a couple of good works into this son of Uncle Mo, who gets 20% first time out winners. Jockey Tyler Baze jumps on and is 30% with Wright.

Race 8 – SA
#5 Tuscan Sun: It won’t take a world-beater to wins this lowest level maiden claimer so why not go with a first-timer. Cyclotron gets 20% first-time out winners and trainer Karen Headley is 31% with maiden claimers and 25% with jockey Edwin Maldonado.


Race 3 (Rags to Riches): 1. Joint Return, 2. Theogony, 3. Mei Ling. LONG SHOT: Stroke Play.

Race 4 (The Tremont): 1. Lady Stardust, 2. Silver Mission, 3. Hey Mike. LONG SHOT: Pachi Cruze.

Race 5 (The Jersey Girl): 1. Kareena, 2. Blip n’ Th Bye, 3. Quick Release. LONG SHOT: One True Kiss.

Race 8 The True North): 1. Catalina Red, 2. Joking, 3. Holy Boss. LONG SHOT: Always Sunshine.

Race 9 (The New York): 1. Dacita, 2. Sea Calisi, 3. Havana Moon. LONG SHOT: Kyllachy Queen.

Race 10 (Belmont Gold Cup): 1. Now We Can, 2. Kaigun, 3. Up With the Bird. LONG SHOT: Closing Bell.

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Horse racing, Santa Anita

Santa Anita opinions for Sunday, June 5

Preview: We say goodbye to the hillside turf course as renovations start this week for the fall meet, which includes the Breeders’ Cup. There are four races on it today. There are five races on the dirt and some trainers to think twice about are Bill Spawr (1-for-15), Kristin Mulhall (1-13), Jeff Bonde (0-12) and Eric Kruljac (0-11).

Race 4: #5 Fruity (6-1): This filly came running in her second try down the hill and now trainer Simon Callaghan puts the blinkers on, a move he is 29% with. The 4-year-old should come running in the stretch for new jockey Flavien Prat, who is 29% with Callaghan.

Race 6: #2 Airlite (9-2): Here we are again down the hill with that man Flavien Prat. He rides most of trainer Richard Mandella’s horses and Mandella is 4-for-10 with horses second time on the grass. The 3-year-old finished third in his debut and should only improve.

Race 9: #8 Infinite Magic (6-1): This gelding is in the care of trainer Ted West for the first time and he is 31% with horses in that situation. Yes, Flavien Prat is aboard. The gelding has a second and third over the course and is cutting back from a route race.

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Horse racing, Los Alamitos

Los Alamitos RC opinions for Friday, April 29

Preview: Surprisingly this might be the largest number of horses running on a card so a carryover is possible in the Pick Six. Jockeys Brayan Pena (1-for-16) and Alonso Quinonez (0-10) have had a hard time so far so keep it in mind.


Race 6 – LRC

#1 Berlusconi (6-1): This gelding is making his second start off a long layoff and trainer Kristin Mulhall sends him around two turns and she’s 22% going route to sprint. The 7-year-old has a third over the track in the past.


Race 7 – LRC

#4 Take It Easyplease (9-2): This filly likes to finish second a lot and has two runner-up efforts over this track, but trainer Richard Baltas takes the blinkers off (22% move) and puts jockey Rafael Bejarano aboard (29% combination).


Race 8 – LRC

#2 Patience Lady (6-1): This filly broke her maiden over this track and was disqualified. She had two disappointing efforts and has been away since February, but trainer Jaime Gomez brings her back here off a couple of good works.

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Del Mar, Horse racing

Del Mar selections for Thursday, Nov. 26

Happy Thanksgiving. First post is at 11 a.m.

FIRST RACE: 1. Heed to Speed, 2. Sarno’s B F F, 3. Mended. LONG SHOT: Exit Sixty Slew.

SECOND RACE: 1. #6 Twirling Tiger (7-2), 2. Ready Cat, 3. Scatastic. LONG SHOT: My Summer Bird.

This 2-year-old has been facing tougher, especially in his last at Keeneland. Now in the care Kristin Mulhall, who is 20% with shippers. She is also 24% with horse going from sprint to route.


THIRD RACE: 1. Bijoux, 2. Untouchable U, 3. Tap Dancing. LONG SHOT: Gift of a Star.
FOURTH RACE: 1. Smooth Talker, 2. Shakeitupbetty, 3. Winninginfashion. LONG SHOT: Spiced Latte.
FIFTH RACE: 1. #6 Diamond Cut (6-1), 2. Jade With Envy, 3. Tiz a Classy Lass. LONG SHOT: Awesome Luck.

This filly has been idle since throwing in a clunker early in the Del Mar summer meet. She is coming out of a key race and trainer John Sadler can get them ready off a layoff (18%) and jockey Victor Espinoza, who is 20% with Sadler, sticks around.


SIXTH RACE: 1. Star of Munster, 2. Patriotic Diamond, 3. Run Like the Boss. LONG SHOT: Run for Retts.
SEVENTH RACE: 1. THE PIAZZA MAN (5-2) BEST BET, 2. Up With the Birds, 3. Big John B. LONG SHOT: Ganesh.
EIGHTH RACE: 1. #7 Discreetlyhumorme (12-1), 2. And Then Some, 3. Redneck Crazy. LONG SHOT: Finnerty’s Folly.

This 2-year-old went off at 2-1 in a MSW at Los Alamitos and was in third when a stablemate went down in front of him and he fell, too. He resurfaces in a maiden claimer with some decent works for trainer Mark Glatt and jockey Tyler Baze, an 18% combination.

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Del Mar, Horse racing

Del Mar selections for Thursday, Aug. 27

FIRST RACE: 1. Ike Walker, 2. Doyouknowsomething, 3. Jens de Ville. LONG SHOT: Papa Kade.

SECOND RACE: 1. Treasuring, 2. Jade Princess, 3. Shakti. LONG SHOT: Wake the Dawn.
THIRD RACE: 1. Sinfully, 2. Antinanco, 3. City State. LONG SHOT: Okaad.
FOURTH RACE: 1. #5 Bosserette (10-1), 2. Pearl de Vere, 3. Sweet Profit. LONG SHOT: Mark of a Gem.

Trainer Howard Zucker drops this 4-year-old filly into a claimer for the first time. She ran credible in her first race in a year last time and should be tighter this time. Jockey Joe Talamo takes over. Zucker is 17% on the turf.


FIFTH RACE: 1. HANK THE TANK (5-2) best bet, 2. I’m Not Bullish, 3. Jimmy the Juice. LONG SHOT: Big Finish.

This son of In Summation is bred to sprint and he makes his career debut for trainer Peter Miller, who is seeking the Del Mar training title. There are some quick works at San Luis Rey Downs and Miller is 27% with first-timers. Miller is also 29% with jockey Martin Garcia the last 60 days.


SIXTH RACE: 1. Take Back Spring (8-1), 2. Kyankes, 3. Housemaker. LONG SHOT: Showcase Winner.

Trainer Kristin Mulhall is pulling out all of the stops here as she adds blinkers (27%) to this daughter of Spring at Last. It may look like the filly is moving up in class but she’s going from facing older fillies and mares to only facing 3-year-olds here.

SEVENTH RACE: 1. All Run, 2. Gravity Force, 3. Swiss Cheese. LONG SHOT: Overcomer.
EIGHTH RACE: 1. Tribal Zen, 2. Bussjaeger, 3. Midnight Edition. LONG SHOT: Rickles.

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Wednesday’s top choice winners: 1 (Buymeabond $12.80, fourth race)

Wednesday’s second choice winners: 1 (On Fire $7.60, third)

Wednesday’s third choice winners: 2 (Bully Pulpit $10, second; Kiss At Midnight $5, fifth)

Wednesday’s long shot winners: 2 (Dad’s Princess $7.20, first; Point Piper $62, seventh)