Churchill Downs, Horse racing

Jeff Nahill’s Churchill Downs opinions for Saturday, May 30 (Races 7-11)

SEVENTH RACE: 1. Princess Causeway, 2. Mia Mischief, 3. Break Even. LONG SHOT: Lady Suebee.

EIGHTH RACE: 1. Bear Alley, 2. Aztec Empire, 3. Ashiham. LONG SHOT: Oceanic.

NINTH RACE: 1. Dixieincandyalnd, 2. Whimsical Muse, 3. Bingwa. LONG SHOT: Dance Rhythms.

10TH RACE: 1. Top Seed (best bet), 2. Gun It, 3. Fearless. LONG SHOT: Tiz Mischief.

11TH RACE: 1. Secret Message, 2. Juliet Foxtrot, 3. Altea. LONG SHOT: Winning Envelope.

Good luck. Stay safe.

Churchill Downs, Horse racing

Jeff Nahill’s Churchill Downs opinions for Thursday, May 28 (Races 6-10)

Note: I was going to do Gulfstream Park, too, but the weather forecast for Florida is worse than Louisville and Kentucky is no great shakes.

SIXTH RACE (Turf): 1. Exulting, 2. Logical Myth, 3. Zero Gravity. LONG SHOT: Firewater Jake.

SEVENTH RACE: 1. Princess Phone, 2. Punish, 3. Bonnet. LONG SHOT: Delachaise.

EIGHTH RACE: 1. Unshaken (best bet), 2. Silver Ratio, 3. All West. LONG SHOT: Tikhvin Flew.

NINTH RACE (turf): 1. Play On, 2. Girls Know Best, 3. Morticia. LONG SHOT: Jo Jo Air.

10TH RACE: 1. Deanos Cape, 2. Quarterback Dak, 3. Second Line David. LONG SHOT: Port Hunter.

Monday’s Santa Anita results

Top choice winners: 3 (Hendavid $5.60, second race, cold exacta $13.40; Raging Bull $7.80, ninth; Studly Perfection $5.40, 10th, cold daily double $38.60)

Second choice winners: 2 (Jolie Olimpica $3.80, fifth; Ragtime Blues $3.60, sixth; Three Ay Em $6, seventh)

Third choice winners: 1 (Kelani Kim $5.60, fourth)

Long shot winners: 0

Churchill Downs, Horse racing

Jeff Nahill’s Churchill Downs opinions for Saturday, May 23 (Races 7-11 all stakes)

SEVENTH RACE: 1. Vault, 2. Dunbar Road, 3. She’s a Julie. LONG SHOT: Chocolate Kisses.

EIGHTH RACE: 1. Sharing, 2. Dominga, 3. Moral Reasoning. LONG SHOT: Walk in Marrakesh.

NINTH RACE: 1. Mr. Money, 2. Long Range Toddy, 3. Diamond King. LONG SHOT: Snapper Sinclair.

10TH RACE: 1. Crypto Cash, 2. Pneumatic, 3. Ny Traffic. LONG SHOT: Celtic Striker.

11TH RACE: 1. Smooth Like Straight, 2. South Bend, 3. Vanzzy. LONG SHOT: Fenwick Station.

Good luck. Stay safe.

Churchill Downs, Horse racing

Jeff Nahill’s Churchill Downs opinions for Thursday, May 21 (Races 5-10)

Note: The weather forecast was a little iffy for rain so check the track conditions.

FIFTH RACE: 1. Quest for Fire, 2. His Giant, 3. Jersey Agenda. LONG SHOT: Vineyard.

SIXTH RACE: 1. Mineyerownmalone, 2. Frost or Frippery, 3. Overzealous. LONG SHOT: Hooray for Harvey.

SEVENTH RACE: 1. Dalika, 2. More, 3. Harmless. LONG SHOT: V J’s Bet.

EIGHTH RACE: 1. Princess Phone (best bet), 2. Addison, 3. La Negrita. LONG SHOT: B Sky High.

NINTH RACE: 1. Front Run the Fed, 2. Casa Creed, 3. Ivar. LONG SHOT: Alkhaatam.

10TH RACE: 1. Soothing, 2. Garden Affair, 3. Flashing Red. LONG SHOT: Joker Lady.

Good luck. Stay safe.

Wednesday’s Tampa Bay Downs results

Top choice winners: 3 (High Five Cotton $5.20, second race; Upper Chartize Ds $13.80, seventh; Silverly Enought $15.40, eighth, cold daily Double $95.20)

Second choice winners: 2 (Sense a Million $4.60, fourth; D’craziness $5.80, sixth; Jaggada $3.40, ninth)

Third choice winners: 0

Long shot winners: 1 (Yei Yei $20, fifth)

Churchill Downs, Horse racing

Jeff Nahill’s Churchill Downs opinions for Saturday, May 16 (Races 6-11)

Note: Opening day in Louisville, Ky. Weather could be an issue so check track conditions in the morning. I will probably do CD on Thursdays because racing will be better than Gulfstream Park.

SIXTH RACE: 1. Here’s Carlos, 2. Knights Key, 3. Floroplus. LONG SHOT: How’s My Bud.

SEVENTH RACE: 1. Skinny Dip, 2. Say Moi, 3. Rocks That I Got. LONG SHOT: Majestic Blend.

EIGHTH RACE: 1. Mind the Gap, 2. Limnery, 3. Labeq. LONG SHOT: Sea of Hope.

NINTH RACE: 1. Sacred Oath, 2. Box of Choclates, 3. Admire. LONG SHOT: Hersh.

10TH RACE: 1. Four Graces, 2. Aurelia Garland, 3. Blood Curdling. LONG SHOT: Long Point Beach.

11TH RACE: 1. Karak (best bet), 2. Chili Petin, 3. Fly So Pretty. LONG SHOT: Ilchester Cheetah.

Good Luck. Stay safe.

Belmont Park, Churchill Downs, Horse racing

Churchill Downs opinions for Saturday, June 8 (Updated)

PREVIEW: Several jockeys are at Belmont Park today so jockey Florent Geroux has picked up a lot of mounts, especially for trainer Steve Asmussen, so Geroux could have a very big day. Don’t sleep on him.

NOTE: They are sloppy and off the turf in races 5 and 8. So take these picks with a grain of salt. Look for wet track pedigree.

FIRST: 1. Zyramid, 2. Nucky, 3. Halfmoon Reef. LONG SHOT: Cheeseburger.

SECOND: 1. Lunar Approach, 2.Ransomed, 3. Day by Day. LONG SHOT: Game Time Decision.

THIRD: 1. Magical, 2. Pretty Greeley, 3. Maybe Wicked. LONG SHOT: Special Relativity.

FOURTH: 1. Don’teatmycookies, 2. (Entry) Dilly Dally Darby and Estrela Cadente, 3. Indicating. LONG SHOT: Pinotage.

FIFTH: 1. Confessing (best bet), 2. Our Bay B Ruth, 3. Silver Kitten. LONG SHOT: Lady Rosalie. OFF THE TURF IGNORE PICKS

SIXTH: 1. Better Charge It, 2. Light of the World, 3. On d;Oro. LONG SHOT: Kansas City Zip.

SEVENTH: 1. Make Noise, 2. Paddock Pick, 3. Mine My Time. LONG SHOT: Brush Country.

EIGHTH: 1. Cosmic Code, 2. Be Nimble, 3. Bella Laura. LONG SHOT: Talbeya. OFF THE TURF IGNORE PICKS

NINTH: 1. Combatant, 2. Matrooh, 3. Solomini. LONG SHOT: Kershaw.

10TH: 1. Mom’s On Strike, 2. Limari, 3. Stave. LONG SHOT: Smart Emma.

11TH: 1. Ready and Rich, 2. New Frontier, 3. Admiral Brown. LONG SHOT: Not Very Gentle.

Good luck.

Churchill Downs, Horse racing, Kentucky Derby, Tampa Bay Downs

Churchill Downs opinions for Saturday, May 4 (plus some Tampa Bay Downs)

Preview: Expect a wet track at some point today and a softer turf course. Rain is suppose to hit hardest around 1 p.m.

12TH RACE (Grade I Kentucky Derby: 1. Improbable, 2. Game Winner, 3. Roadster, 4. Vekoma. LONG SHOT: By My Standards.
If it’s Derby Day we must be in trainer Bob Baffert’s world and we’re just living in it. Baffert can pull off a race feat here by hitting the trifecta with all three of his entries. Improbable is my choice off his runner-up efforts to Omaha Beach, who had to scratch out of the race with a balky throat. All three of Baffert’s horses, including Game Winner and Roadster, are coming up to the race in fine form and a win by any of them wouldn’t surprise me.

Other Churchill Downs stakes

SIXTH RACE (Grade I Humana Distaff): 1. Talk Veuve to Me, 2. Marley’s Freedom, 3. Spiced Perfection, 4. Emboldened. LONG SHOT: Mia Mischief.

SEVENTH RACE )Grade II Churchill Distaff Turf Mile): 1. Beau Recall, 2. Daddy Is a Legend, 3. Precieuse, 4. Valedictorian. LONG SHOT: Environs.

EIGHTH RACE (Grade I Churchill Downs): 1. Do Share, 2. Mitole, 3. Uncontested, 4. Whitmore. LONG SHOT: Warrior’s Club.

NINTH RACE (Grade II American Turf): 1. Marquee Prince, 2. Seismic Wave, 3. Digital Age, 4. Social Paranoia. LONG SHOT: Henley’s Joy.

10TH RACE (Grade III Pat Day Mile): 1. Instagrand, 2. Durkin’s Call, 3. Mr Money Bags, 4. Last Judgment. LONG SHOT: Dunph.

11TH RACE (Grade I Turf Classic): 1. Brick and Mortar (best bet), 2. Multiplier, 3. Ticonderoga, 4. Next Shares. LONG SHOT: Synchrony.

FOURTH RACE: 1. Sir Higgins, 2. Market Swings, 3. No choice. LONG SHOT: Trap Music.
SEVENTH RACE: 1. Pure Luck, 2. Silver Shield, 3. Solid. LONG SHOT: Edelman’s Catch.
10TH RACE: 1. Sugar Cane Girl, 2. Crown of Joy, 3. Speeding Starlet. LONG SHOT: Patient Digna.
Good luck.
Churchill Downs, Horse racing, Tampa Bay Downs

Churchill Downs opinions for Friday, May 3 (plus one from Tampa Bay)

At Churchill Downs

11TH RACE (Grade I Kentucky Oaks): 1. Street Band, 2. Bellafina, 3. Flor de La Mar, 4. Jaywalk. LONG SHOT: Out for a Spin.
Bellafina will be rightfully favored but I still don’t like that race last year in the Breeders” Cup Juvenile Fillies over this track. I’m not buying the she was “in season” excuse. Maybe she doesn’t like this track. We’ll see. Trainer Larry Jones knows how to get fillies ready for this race and Street Band is tearing up the track in the morning after winning the Fair Grounds Oaks.

Other races

FIFTH RACE (Grade II Eight Belles): 1. Lyrical Lady, 2. Mother Mother, 3. Take Charge Angel, 4. Break Even. LONG SHOT: Proud Emma.

SIXTH RACE (Grade III Edgewood): 1. Newspaperofrecord, 2. Concrete Rose, 3. Cambier Parc, 4. Fortunate Girl. LONG SHOT: Winter Sunset.

SEVENTH RACE (Grade II Alysheba): 1. Tom’s d’Etat, 2. Seeking the Soul, 3. McKinzie, 4. Prime Attraction. LONG SHOT: Bourbon Resolution.

EIGHTH RACE (Grade I La Troienne): 1. Divine Miss Grey, 2. She’s a Julie, 3. Blue Prize, 4. Secret Spice. LONG SHOT: Mopotism.

NINTH RACE (Allowance): 1. Mojo Man, 2. Rugbyman, 3. American Tattoo, 4. Solid Wager. LONG SHOT: Home Base.

10TH RACE (Turf Sprint): 1. Undrafted, 2. World of Trouble, 3. Angaston, 4. Will Call. LONG SHOT: Chaos Theory.


SECOND RACE: 1. Discreetly Placed, 2. She Read My Texts, 3. Big Awesome. LONG SHOT: Monkey Money.

Good luck.

Breeders' Cup, Churchill Downs, Horse racing

Breeders’ Cup Saturday opinions for Nov. 3 at Churchill Downs

THIRD RACE (Filly and Mare Sprint)
1. #11 Finley’sluckycharm, 2. #5 Golden Mischief, 3. #13 Marley’s Freedom, 4. #8 Mia Mischief. LONG SHOT: #6 Chalon.

FOURTH RACE (Turf Sprint)
1. #6 Rainbow Heir, 2. #9 Stormy Liberal, 3. #8 Chanteline, 4. #14 Conquest Tsunami. LONG SHOT: #12 Richard’s Boy.

FIFTH RACE (Dirt Mile)
1. #1 City of Light, 2. #7 Firenze Fire, 3. #10 Catalina Cruiser, 4. #6 Seeking the Soul. LONG SHOT: #4 Seven Trumpets.

SIXTH RACE (Filly and Mare Turf)
1. #14 Eziyra, 2. #3 Wild Illusion, 3. #10 Magic Wand, 4. #13 Athena. LONG SHOT: #7 Smart Choice.

1. #8 Limousine Liberal, 2. #9 Roy H, 3. #2 Promises Fulfilled, 4. #1 Whitmore. LONG SHOT: #3 B Squared.

1. #13 Gustav Klimt, 2. #7 Expert Eye, 3. #8 I Can Fly, 4. #1 One Master. LONG SHOT: #2 Next Shares.

NINTH RACE (Distaff)
1. #2 Abel Tasman (BEST BET), 2. #7 Midnight Bisou, 3. #5 Wonder Gadot, 4. #11 Monomoy Girl. LONG SHOT: #8 Vale Dori.

10TH RACE (Turf)
1. #12 Waldgeist, 2. #2 Enable, 3. #5 Magical, 4. #4 Robert Bruce. LONG SHOT: #3 Channel Maker.

11TH RACE (Classic)
1. #7 West Coast, 2. #8 Pavel, 3. #10 Yoshida, 4. #6 McKinzie. LONG SHOT: #4 Gunnevera.

Good luck.

Breeders' Cup, Churchill Downs, Horse racing

Breeders’ Cup Friday opinions for Friday, Nov. 2 at Churchill Downs

OVERVIEW: On these big days you need to have a key horse or two and stick to it. That key for me today is Summering (15-1) in the Juvenile Fillies Turf. She did nothing wrong in two wins at Del Mar but then she got trapped at Santa Anita and had nowhere to go in the Surfer Girl, finishing third. I think she’s worth a shot. The main question today, like with all of the races on the grass, is the condition of the turf course. It has been raining for the last two days and the course won’t be firm. So whether she takes to the course will be a key as much as anything. Will the Euros have a bigger shot today on the turf? There are two schools of thought: 1) they have run on softer before; 2) they might have been sent to the States to run on firmer ground. We’ll see.

FIFTH RACE (Juvenile Turf Sprint): 1. #11 Queen of Bermuda, 2. #2 Soldier’s Call, 3. #6 Moonlight Romance, 4. #5 Bulletin. LONG SHOT: #4 Stillwater Cove.
This race was added by the Breeders’ Cup this year and it certainly came up tough with American and Euros plus males and females entered. There are six fillies in the body of the race. I went with QUEEN OF BERMUDA because jockey Flavien Prat should have some insight to the Euros and she looks like she can track the pace from the outside.

SIXTH RACE (Juvenile Fillies Turf): 1. #12 SUMMERING (Best bet), 2. #2 The Mackem Bullet, 3. #6 Newspaperofrecord, 4. #5 La Pelosa. LONG SHOT: #11 Lady Prancealot.
I’ve already made my case for SUMMERING. NEWSPAPEROFRECORD seems to be a lot of handicappers selection and I get, but I don’t like picking or betting favorites.

SEVENTH RACE (Juvenile Fillies): 1. #1 Reflect, 2. #10 Bellafina, 3. #2 Serengeti Empress, 4. #4 Restless Rider. LONG SHOT: #3 Vibrance.
I wanted to pick BELLAFINA but in looking at the workout times since her last race, I wasn’t impressed. Maybe she has topped out but I hope not for Southern California trainer Simon Callaghan. VIBRANCE is an interesting long shot as she finished second to Bellafina at Santa Anita.

EIGHTH RACE (Juvenile Turf): 1. #6 Henley’s Joy, 2. #5 Line of Duty, 3. #2 Uncle Benny, 4. #14 Anthony Van Dyck. LONG SHOT: #13 Marie’s Diamond.
OK, in the interest of honesty, Jeff Bloom, who owns Henley’s Joy, and I are friends, but I really like this 2-year-old. He tries every time and again the condition of the course will be the key. Internet reports are that he looks good and has trained good. LINE OF DUTY seems to be the wise guy horse and ANTHONY VAN DYCK seems to be the top hope from Europe, but he drew the No. 14 post. Ouch.

NINTH RACE (Juvenile): 1. #9 Game Winner, 2. #6 Complexity, 3. #11 Code of Honor, 4. #13 Topper T. LONG SHOT: #4 Tight Ten.
This race seems pretty straight forward, but that’s when chaos happens. If the favorites don’t show up take a look at TOPPER T, TIGHT TEN and KNICKS GO.

Good luck.