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Del Mar opinions for Saturday, July 21 (UPDATED)

FIRST RACE: 1. COCO KISSES (best bet), 2. Chasin Lucas, 3. Desired Edge. LONG SHOT: Jabber Now.

SECOND RACE: 1. Smuggler Union, 2. Son of a Royal, 3. Gringo Star. LONG SHOT: Ghostly Who.

THIRD RACE: 1. Graycaster, 2. Horse Greedy, 3. Allaboutaction. LONG SHOT: Malibu Alex

FOURTH RACE: 1. Vasilika, 2. Melissa Jane, 3. Dreamarcher. LONG SHOT: Sheeza Milky Way.

FIFTH RACE: 1. Its Gonna Hurt, 2. Fortnite Dance, 3. Seven Scents. LONG SHOT: Mason Dixon.

SIXTH RACE: 1. Tammy’s Window, 2. Princess Roi, 3. Libby’s Tail. LONG SHOT: Vexatious.

SEVENTH RACE: 1. Accelerate (SCRATCHED), 2. Dabster, 3. Dr. Dorr. LONG SHOT: Catalina Cruiser.  New picks: 1. Dr. Dorr, 2. Dabster, 3. Catalina Cruiser. LONG SHOT: Harlan Punch.

Trainer John Sadler decided Saturday morning to scratch morning-line favorite and defending champ Accelerate. The word is the barn LOVES Catalina Cruiser, who is making his first try around two turns. They think he could be a monster, but you have to go through Bob Baffert, who has the top two. Harlan Punch ships in from East Coast.

EIGHTH RACE: 1. West Palm Beach, 2. Ms Bad Behavior, 3. Ollie’s Candy. LONG SHOT: War Heroine.

NINTH RACE: 1. Rowayton, 2. Magnificent McCool, 3. Yak. LONG SHOT: Truck Salesman.

10TH RACE: 1. Dearborn, 2. Innocent, 3. Amuse. LONG SHOT: Party Dancer.

In today’s 10th race, two of my favorite trainers have horses running in Tom Proctor and Victoria Oliver. We’ve already played Oliver this week and although she didn’t win, her horse ran well enough off the plane. She has No. 9 Innocent (9-2) running on the grass in the 10th. Proctor has No. 1 Dearborn (8-1) running for Glen Hill Farm. Proctor puts jockey Drayden Van Dyke aboard and they are a 32 percent proposition at the seaside oval.


Top choice winners: 3 (Avanti Bello $7, first race; Oliver $5.40, sixth; Fahan Mura $15.40, seventh

Second choice winners: 3 (Operandi $5.60, third; Colormemoney $15, fourth; Baby Frankie $5.80, eighth)

Third choice winners: 0

Long shot winners: 0

Good luck.

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Del Mar, Horse racing

Del Mar opinions for Friday, July 20

Preview: In the past, the Friday night cards have shown a slight bias on the main track toward speed as it cools down. We’ll see how it goes.

FIRST RACE: 1. Avanti Bello, 2. Monsajem Pervade, 3. Point Piper. LONG SHOT: Excitations.

SECOND RACE: 1. Ballerina Headline, 2. Sought More Pep, 3. Lucky Student. LONG SHOT: Fruity.

THIRD RACE: 1. Helen’s Tiger, 2. Operandi, 3. Silky Slew. LONG SHOT: Bold At Night.

FOURTH RACE: 1. Wild Wild Kingdom, 2. Colormemoney, 3. Twisted Road. LONG SHOT: Iron Curtain.

FIFTH RACE: 1. Tinabud, 2. Pulpit Rider, 3. Luminoso. LONG SHOT: Nonna Gianna.

SIXTH RACE: 1. OLIVER (best bet), 2. Takeo Squared, 3. Twisted Plot. LONG SHOT: Teacher’s Treasure.

SEVENTH RACE: 1. Fahan Mura, 2. Paradise Woods, 3. Pantsonfire. LONG SHOT: Fizzy Friday.

EIGHTH RACE: 1. Assltante, 2. Baby Frankie, 3. Two Fifty Coup. LONG SHOT: Stone Groove.


Top choice winners: 3 (Watch Me Burn $6.60, first race; Robin’s Love $4, fourth; Marjorie E $15.20, eighth)

Second choice winners: 1 (Moonshine Memories $3, seventh)

Third choice winners: 1 (Latitude $19.80, second)

Long shot winners: 0

Good luck.

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Del Mar, Horse racing

Del Mar opinions for Thursday, July 19

Preview: Trainers Doug O’Neill and Jerry Hollendorfer, who were mediocre in 2017, dominated on opening day, winning the first seven races between them. Give their horses an extra look, especially O’Neill, who gets hot and then cools off.

Trainers to watch
PHIL D’AMATO: Tied for the Del Mar training title last summer with 18 wins and his stable has only gotten stronger since then. He is a monster on the turf with 12 wins and 11 seconds from 66 starters. This summer look for improved numbers on the dirt and with younger horses.

RICHARD BALTAS: He tied D’Amato for the crown a year ago. Surprisingly, he beat D’Amato on the grass, leading all trainer with 13 winners on the green. One area of weakness is first-time starters so stay away from them.

PETER MILLER: Last summer wasn’t the best for the Carlsbad resident who annually starts a ton of horses at the seaside oval. He had more than twice has many seconds and thirds (24 and 16) as wins (15). No doubt he wants to turn those numbers around. Don’t be afraid of horses showing San Luis Rey Downs works because he has a portion of his stable there. Miller was second in dirt wins and victories by 2-year-olds. He does a lot of damage with claimers and maiden claimers, but you often don’t get a square price.

MARK GLATT: He had a really good summer under the radar last year, finishing tied for third in the standings with Miller (15 wins) from far less starters (68). He also is sneaky on the grass with eight wins from 37 starts. Betting on all of Glatt’s starters would have produced a flat-bet profit, according to Jim Mazur’s The Del Mar Handicapper 2018.

DOUG O’NEILL: It will be a race to see who starts more horses this meet: Miller or O’Neill. The O’Neill barn gets a lot of horses from J. Paul Reddam and a lot sired by Square Eddie so watch for that combination. O’Neill was tied for third in dirt wins (nine) and grass can be a weakness. However, look at turf sprints because in 2016 O’Neill did well in that category.

OTHERS: Bob Baffert has his second Triple Crown winner in four years but like American Pharoah, Justify won’t run at Del Mar. Baffert led all trainers with 12 dirt wins, with half of them coming from 2-year-olds. He is also usually strong in the sprint and handicap divisions. The best betting option is “the other Baffert.” When he has two horses in the same race, bet the one with the higher odds plus bet an exacta box of his two horses. … Jerry Hollendorfer had just five winners a year ago but he got hot during Santa Anita and might be back to his old self. Watch out for his 2-year-olds, especially the fillies, one of which (Brill) is running on opening day. … Michael McCarthy, the former Todd Pletcher assistant, is starting to get better stock after finishing last summer for third in dirt wins (nine). According to Mazur’s book, McCarthy produced a huge $73 flat-bet profit. … Simon Callaghan is another younger trainer to watch after he had seven 2-year-old winners in 2017. … Steve Miyadi is also good with 2-year-olds (four wins) and first-time starters (three of 11). … Jim Cassidy, the life-long New York Yankees fan, is 7-for-13 in turf sprints the last three years with a profit of $137, according Mazur’s book. … Tom Proctor, who trains mainly for Glen Hill Farm, is a whiz on the turf and he went 6-for-15 at 2017 meet for a flat-bet profit, but don’t expect any large prices because his horses get bet.

FIRST RACE: 1. Watch Me Burn, 2. Jellybeankristine, 3. No Thanks Erik. LONG SHOT: Lakerzwin.

SECOND RACE: 1. Gutsy Effort, 2. Welldidyougetit, 3. Latitude. LONG SHOT: June Two Four.

THIRD RACE: 1. PASTIME (best bet), 2. G Q Covergirl, 3. Painting Corners. LONG SHOT: Invested Prospect.
Let me just say this up front there is no way we are getting the 12-1 morning line on No. 8 Pastime in today’s third race. Trainer Victoria Oliver brings a small string to Del Mar almost every year from Kentucky and always seem to win at a good price, but the word is already out on social media. That being said Oliver is 4-for-11 at Del Mar with horses off a 31- to 60-day layoff like this filly and the average winning price is $20, according to Jim Mazur’s The Del Mar Handicapper 2018.

FOURTH RACE: 1. Robin’s Love, 2. Cylinders, 3. Lil Bit Dangerous. LONG SHOT: Go Smiley Go.

FIFTH RACE: 1. Memorable Election, 2. Rockaway, 3. Ivy Mike. LONG SHOT: Master Ruler.

SIXTH RACE: 1. Magic Musketier, 2. Andesh, 3. Inscom. LONG SHOT: Soltero.

SEVENTH RACE: 1. Secret Spice, 2. Moonshine Memories, 3. Show It N Moe It. LONG SHOT: Treasuring.

EIGHTH RACE: 1. Majorie E, 2. Venue, 3. Oh Pretty Woman. LONG SHOT: Unusual Gold.


Top choice winners: 2 (Shivermetimbers $4.60, sixth race; Brill $3.40, seventh)

Second choice winners: 1 (Super Duper Cooper $6.40, ninth)

Third choice winners: 3 (Eighty Three $10.60, third; Dichotomy $5.40, fourth; Ann Arbor Eddie $20, fifth)

Long shot winners: 1 (Jimmy Chila $7, second)

Good luck.

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Del Mar, Horse racing

Del Mar opinions for Wednesday, July 18 (Opening day)

Preview: Going to the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club can be a lot of fun, but let’s be honest, everyone wants to win money. Jockeys and trainers all have their strengths and weaknesses. If you know those, it can point you to the winner’s circle and away from throwing your tickets away.

Without a doubt, the best rider not named Mike Smith on the circuit, and he rides a lot more than Smith. Prat began his career in France and thus he was put on a lot of grass horses early in career, but he has become a very good all-around jockey. He won the Del Mar title last summer by winning 23 races on the dirt (25 percent) and 12 races (from 80 starters) on the grass. He was also second in races won with 2-year-olds (six) and that number could improve as he has made some inroads into the Bob Baffert barn. Prat loves to get to the rail on the turf, save ground and swing out at the head of the home stretch. He sometimes gets caught in traffic with this move, but he knows what he’s doing most of the time.

RAFAEL BEJARANO: The once king of Del Mar has slowed in the last year. He did finish tied for second in the standings, tied with Evin Roman, and tied for third on the dirt. He also tied Prat and Kent Desormeaux with 12 victories on the Jimmy Durante Turf Course. If you are looking for a horse to finish down the lane, don’t bet against Bejarano because he will carry it there with his strength. The one weakness in Bejarano’s game is his work out of the gate. He registered just three wins on 2-year-olds during the 2017 meet because trainers want a jockey pushing a horse out of the gate. A lot of 2-year-old races are won by speed horses, which isn’t Bejarano’s strong suit.

KENT DESORMEAUX: There’s the good Kent and the bad Kent. If Desormeaux is in a good mood, he can be the best rider in the room, but if he’s not feeling it that day, don’t bet on him. Desormeaux, who rides a lot for his brother and trainer Keith, was fourth in the standings a year ago. He had 14 wins on the dirt and 12 wins on the grass. He is an exceptional grass rider.

JOE TALAMO: There was a time that “Talamo on the turf” made you big bucks every meet, but he has lost some of that magic in the last few years. He was fifth in the riding standings last summer (23 wins), but tied for third on the dirt with 17 winners. On the grass, he slipped to just six winners. He had a like number of victories with 2-year-olds, to tie for second in the colony. He was also second with first-time starters with three wins.

APPRENTICES: Roman, who won the Eclipse Award as the top apprentice in the country, lost his bug and is a journeyman now. Who will replace those 29 wins because you know how trainers like those 7- and 5-pound weight allowances? Fans should especially watch Heriberto Figueroa and Asa Espinoza, who just tied for the Los Alamitos riding title. Two others to watch are Edgar Payeras and Franklin Ceballos.

OTHERS: Mike “Money” Smith will ride in a lot of stakes races and 2-year-old events. If he rides in another race, take note. … Tyler Baze wins the hard-luck award from 2017 with 18 seconds and 17 thirds with just nine wins. He’s a good all-around rider. … Drayden Van Dyke scored 11 wins on the turf a year ago, one behind the leaders, and he has a great clock in his head. Watch out for him with Baffert, too. He has also made in-roads in that stable and Baffert won’t be afraid to put him up on a good 2-year-old. … Journeyman Edwin Maldonado is a rider to watch, especially on the grass as he registered seven wins on the green in 2017. He’s underrated. … Corey Nakatani maybe getting older but last summer he proved he’s still good with 2-year-olds (Bolt d’Oro) and he’s also a master on the grass.

FIRST RACE: 1. Carville, 2. Out of Patience, 3. General Ike. LONG SHOT: Above Board.
Tough race take as many as you can in the Pick 5.

SECOND RACE: 1. Upo, 2. Kylemore, 3. Ayacara. LONG SHOT: Jimmy Chila.
If this Pick 5 doesn’t pay boxcars, I’ll be stunned. This card is tough.

THIRD RACE: 1. Ketos, 2. Junior Gilliam, 3. Eighty Three. LONG SHOT: Gentrified.

FOURTH RACE: 1. Blueberry Princess, 2. Flying to the Line, 3. Dicotomy. LONG SHOT: Opus Won.
Blueberry Princess comes out of a race that has already produced two next out winners from four starters.

FIFTH RACE: 1. Bird Is the Word, 2. Ritzy A. P., 3. Ann Arbor Eddie. LONG SHOT: Castle.

SIXTH RACE: 1. Shivermetimbers, 2. Divisor, 3. Regulate. LONG SHOT: Show Me Da Lute.

SEVENTH RACE: 1. Brill (BEST BET), 2. Angel Alessandra, 3. Bizwhacks. LONG SHOT: Barbadolla.
We all know how good trainer Jerry Hollendorfer is with young fillies and this $1 million purchase BRILL looks like the real deal. She has three big works coming into the race and Hollendorfer is 17 percent with first-timers. We will never get the 5-2 morning-line, but that’s life. Looks like a single to me.

EIGHTH RACE (Oceanside Stakes): 1. Texas Wedge, 2. Desert Stone, 3. Artie B Good. LONG SHOT: More Honor.
Believe it or not, trainer Peter Miller didn’t win a stakes race at the Del Mar summer meet so you can bet (and he will) that he wants to end that right here and now.

NINTH RACE: 1. Blame Joe, 2. Super Duper Cooper, 3. Aurora d’Oro. LONG SHOT: Impression.

10TH RACE: 1. Sellwood, 2. Henry County, 3. Zipman. LONG SHOT: Starting Bloc.

Good luck.

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Del Mar, Horse racing

Del Mar selections for Sunday, Nov. 26 (Closing day)

FIRST RACE: 1. Dialed to Go, 2. Tapitha Bonita, 3. Wild Edie. LONG SHOT: Callie Mesa.
SECOND RACE: 1. Rocket Fuel, 2. Mesa Sky, 3. Bear Skinned. LONG SHOT: Beantown Boys
THIRD RACE: 1. Hunt, 2. Pee Wee Reese, 3. He Will. LONG SHOT: Win the Space
FOURTH RACE: 1. Gotham Desire, 2. Haveiture Way, 3. Gemini Journey. LONG SHOT: Pied N True
FIFTH RACE: 1. Be Mine, 2. Fizzy Friday, 3. Cash Prize. LONG SHOT: Peach Cove
SIXTH RACE: 1. Secret Touch, 2. Divisor, 3. Desert General. LONG SHOT: Trapalanda
SEVENTH RACE: 1. Mrs McDougal, 2. Robilinda, 3. Off Limits. LONG SHOT: Insta Erma
EIGHTH RACE: 1. SUTRO (best bet), 2. Allianna, 3. Swak. LONG SHOT: Miss Georgie Gal.
NINTH RACE: 1. East Rand, 2. Analyze It, 3. Choo Choo. LONG SHOT: Magic Musketier.

Good luck,

Del Mar, Horse racing

Del Mar selections for Saturday, Nov. 24

FIRST RACE: 1. Karma King, 2. Frac Candy, 3. Airfoil. LONG SHOT: My Secret Affair.
SECOND RACE: 1, Ippodamina’s Girl, 2. Paved, 3. Prairie Citizen. LONG SHOT: Scat Home Lady.
THIRD RACE: 1. Tribal Jewel, 2. Out of Patience, 3. Beaumarchais. LONG SHOT: Saint Dermot.
FOURTH RACE: 1. Soglio, 2. Spanish Hombre, 3. Saltini. LONG SHOT: Dark Energy.
FIFTH RACE: 1. Mubtaahij, 2. Irish Freedom, 3. Top of the Game. LONG SHOT: Curlin Rules.
SIXTH RACE: 1. Getoffmyback, 2. The Street Fighter, 3. Boy Howdy. LONG SHOT: Swiss Minister.
SEVENTH RACE: 1. Mo Town, 2. Sharp Samurai, 3. Just Howard. LONG SHOT: Souper Tapit.
EIGHTH RACE: 1. SAMDAR (best bet), 2. Concur, 3. Praetorian. LONG SHOT: Bourbon Dude.
NINTH RACE: 1. Raucous, 2. Daddy Is a Legend, 3. Data Dependent. LONG SHOT: Sappho.

Good luck.

Del Mar, Horse racing

Del Mar selections for Friday, Nov. 25

FIRST RACE: 1. Channel Crossing, 2. Falcone, 3. Fengari. LONG SHOT: Erotic.
SECOND RACE: 1. Velvet Jones, 2. Pomp and Party, 3. Yalisha. LONG SHOT: Just Be Held.
THIRD RACE: 1. Texas Wedge, 2. Summer Shamal, 3. Factorofwon. LONG SHOT: Sir Valentine.
FOURTH RACE: 1. Captivate, 2. Momma’s Baby Boy, 3. Hollywood Strike. LONG SHOT: Moneigh Moproblems.
FIFTH RACE: 1. Jungle Warfare, 2. Eskimo Roses, 3. River Boyne. LONG SHOT: Convexity.
SIXTH RACE: 1. Clear the Mine, 2. Spectre Bond, 3. Red Lightning. LONG SHOT: Stone Hands.
SEVENTH RACE: 1. MANITOULIN (best bet), 2. Lottie, 3. Tequila Joe. LONG SHOT: Indordinate.
EIGHTH RACE: 1. Bardstown, 2. Inhibition. 3. Psychedelicat. LONG SHOT: Super Duper Cooper.

Good Luck.