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Jeff Nahill’s Del Mar opinions for Saturday, July 25

FIRST RACE: 1. Caisson (best bet), 2. Gone Rogue, 3. Dyn O Mite. LONG SHOT: Flint Stroll.

SECOND RACE: 1. Ragtime Blues, 2. Vertical Threat, 3. Thanks Mr. Eidson. LONG SHOT: Howbeit.

THIRD RACE: 1. Pepe Tono, 2. Dark Vader, 3. Kershaw. LONG SHOT: Bold Endeavor.

FOURTH RACE: 1. Merneith, 2. Provocation, 3. Secret Keeper. LONG SHOT: Aunt Lubie.

FIFTH RACE: 1. Woodfin, 2. Pretty Point, 3. Never Be Enough. LONG SHOT: Unicorn.

SIXTH RACE: 1. Father O’Flaherty, 2. Dennis Celery, 3. Wedding Groom. LONG SHOT: Magnificent Red.

SEVENTH RACE: 1. Highly Distorted, 2. Mystery Man, 3. Tilted Towers. LONG SHOT: Colossal Storm.

EIGHTH RACE: 1. Zimba Warrior, 2. Handsome Cat, 3. Hidden Promise. LONG SHOT: Agamenon.

NINTH RACE: 1. Croughavouke, 2. She’s So Special, 3. Laura’s Light. LONG SHOT: Guitty.

10TH RACE: 1. Maximum Security, 2. Higher Power, 3. Midcourt. LONG SHOT: Ax Man.

11TH RACE: 1. Warrior’s Moon, 2. Sassyserb, 3. Kristi’s Tiger. LONG SHOT: Smiling Rose.

Good luck. Stay safe.


Top choice winners: 3 (Big Sweep $4.60, fourth race, cold exacta $13.40, cold quinella $6.20, cold trifecta $7.40; Bulletproof One $11.40, fifth, cold daily double $31.80, cold quinella $23, cold exacta $55; September Secret $6.60, eighth)

Second choice winners: 1 (Lincoln City $11.40, 11th)

Third choice winners: 2 (Proud Pedro $21, third, quinella box $15.20, exacta box $52, trifecta box $49.60; Preaching Trainer $9.20, seventh

Long shot winners: 0

Del Mar, Horse racing

Jeff Nahill’s Del Mar opinions for Friday, July 24

FIRST RACE: 1. Horse Greedy, 2. Fabozzi, 3. Concur. LONG SHOT: Rickey B

SECOND RACE: 1. Burn Me Twice, 2. C Dub 3, Market Sentiment. LONG SHOT: King Parker.

THIRD RACE: 1. Border Town, 2. North County Guy, 3. Proud Pedro. LONG SHOT: Catch the Eye.

FOURTH RACE: 1. Big Sweep, 2. Been Studying Her, 3. Smiling Shirlee. LONG SHOT: Loud Loud Music.

FIFTH RACE: 1. Bulletproof One, 2. Querelle, 3. Fantasy Heat. LONG SHOT: Tijori.

SIXTH RACE: 1. Irreproachable, 2. Summer Fun, 3. Bluegrass Patriot. LONG SHOT: Bullet Times.

SEVENTH RACE: 1. Utalknboutpractice, 2. Offshore Affair, 3. Preaching Trainer. LONG SHOT: Tizhotndusty.

EIGHTH RACE: 1. September Secret, 2. Spicy Sommelier, 3. Big Dress. LONG SHOT: Big Mama Sue.

NINTH RACE: 1. Surrender Now, 2. Stealthediamonds, 3. Lighthouse. LONG SHOT: Artistic Diva.

10TH RACE: 1. Kuda Huraa (best bet), 2. Polar Route, 3. Arya’s Dagger. LONG SHOT: Alicia’s Pride.

11TH RACE: 1. City Rage, 2. Lincoln City, 3. Madman. LONG SHOT: Reprobate.

Good luck. Stay safe.

Meet results (30 races, $60)

Top choice winners: 8, $51.20 (mutuels)

Second choice winners: 4, $26.80

Third choice winners: 3, $21.80

Long shot winners: 5, $121.60

Del Mar, Horse racing

Jeff Nahill’s Del Mar opinions for Friday, July 10 (Opening day)

Jeff Nahill’s Del Mar opinions for Friday, July 10 (Opening day)

FIRST RACE: 1. Secret Touch, 2. Blame It On Kitty, 3. Fire When Ready. LONG SHOT: Wilshire Dude.

SECOND RACE: 1. Aqua Seaform Shame (BEST BET), 2. Rakassah, 3. Seaside Dancer. LONG SHOT: Mean Sophia.

THIRD RACE: 1. Charlito, 2. Midnight Mystery, 3. Garth. LONG SHOT: Rayray.

FOURTH RACE: 1. Gambini, 2. Table for Ten, 3. Tropical Terror. LONG SHOT: Cali Caliente.

FIFTH RACE: 1. Mongolian Legend, 2. Zorich, 3. Ronamo. LONG SHOT: Mongolian Hero.

SIXTH RACE: 1. Taming the Tigress, 2. Super Game, 3. Big Andy. LONG SHOT: Righteously.

SEVENTH RACE: 1. She’s Our Charm, 2. Strike At Dawn, 3. Great Return. LONG SHOT: Ellie Arroway.

EIGHTH RACE: 1. St. Joe Bay, 2. Sash, 3. Dreams of Valor. LONG SHOT: Silken Prince.

NINTH RACE: 1. Hit the Road, 2. K P All Systems Go, 3. El Tigre Terrible. LONG SHOT: Tizmagician.

10TH RACE: 1. Castle Gate, 2. Red Valor, 3. Julius. LONG SHOT: Unbridled’s Skye.

Good luck. Stay safe.

Horse racing, Los Alamitos

Jeff Nahill’s Los Alamitos RC opinions for Thursday, July 2

FIRST RACE: 1. Mama’s Kid, 2. Purdue, 3. Drop the Mic. LONG SHOT: Laker Jet.

SECOND RACE: 1. Spicy Sommelier, 2. Monicat, 3. Felling Grazeful. LONG SHOT: Exchange Vows.

THIRD RACE: 1. Commander, 2. Quick Finish, 3. Show Business. LONG SHOT: Antithetical.

FOURTH RACE: 1. Hot Box, 2. Dennis Celery, 3. None Above the Law. LONG SHOT: Rousing Slammer.

FIFTH RACE: 1. Cezanne, 2.Bronn, 3. Itsthattime. LONG SHOT: Mongolian Legend.

SIXTH RACE: 1. Perfect Ice Storm (best bet), 2. Majestic Diva, 3. Tiz Toffee. LONG SHOT: Mongolian Window.

SEVENTH RACE: 1. Miss Ever Ready, 2. Stars of Bluegrass, 3. Mamba Queen. LONG SHOT: Righteously.

Good luck. Stay safe.

Horse racing, Santa Anita

Santa Anita opinions for Saturday, Jan. 23

Preview: Decent Saturday card and a Pick Six carryover of more than $300,000. They say there could be $1.2 million in new money, but with all the snow in the East, I’m thinking it will be more as bettors will only be able to play tracks in Florida, New Orleans and California. The Bob Baffert barn has gotten hot and is 6-ofr-31 on the dirt to lead all trainers on the main track. He is followed by Richrda Baltas (5-25), Bill Spawr (5-11) and Vladimir Cerin (4-9). Guys looking for their first dirt win are Gary Sherlock (0-12), Mike Pender (0-10) and Mike Machowsky (0-10).


Race 2: #3 Where’s Bubba  (7-2)

As we stated Bill Spawr is one of the top dirt trainers this meet. Just draw a line through this gelding’s last race and the previous race puts right there with these. Spawr is 37% going from route to sprint.


Race 5: #3 A Colt Following (7-2) 

We’re sticking with Bill Spawr in this one, too. This colt won at this level last time and Spawr is daring someone to claim him. Again the route to sprint angle (37%) comes into play.


Race 9: #7 Sudden Sam (6-1) 

Breeder/owner Nick Alexander likes to win races, especially with homebreds. There are a lot of fast works o this 3-year-old but I guarantee trained Phil D’Amato (16% with firsters) has him fit. Tribal Rule is a 15% sire with firsters and this one gets Lasix, too.

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Horse racing, Santa Anita

Updated Santa Anita picks for Sunday, March 16

FIRST RACE: 1. Misdeed, 2. Supreme Commander, 3. Aqua Revelation. LONG SHOT: Next Right.


SECOND RACE: 1. Seattle Charlie, 2. Katerrific, 3. Wasted at Midnight. LONG SHOT: Courageous Call.


THIRD RACE: 1. Miss American Pie (best bet), 2. Awe’ Some Kitten, 3. Tempe. LONG SHOT: Valarta.

Trainer Mark Glatt has been on fire lately, hitting on all cylinders. He claimed this lightly raced 4-year-old filly MISS AMERICAN PIE out of an even effort, going shorter last time. She goes longer and moves up in class plus Glatt is 32% first off the claim. Jockey Tyler Baze takes the mount and he has been riding well lately, too.


FOURTH RACE: 1. Holiday N Newport, 2. Magic Number, 3. Thermal Nermal (SCRATCHED). LONG SHOT: She’s a Go Girl. New order: 1. Holiday N Newport, 2. Magic Number, 3. She’s a Go Girl. LONG SHOT: Sky Angel.


FIFTH RACE: 1. Lil Swiss Echo, 2. Mark of a Gem, 3. Noise of the Crowd. LONG SHOT: Warren’s Dixi Bell.


SIXTH RACE: 1. Warrens Puppy Love, 2. Warrens Lil Margie, 3. Marla Hooch. LONG SHOT: Pay the Debt.

There’s a first time for everything and that’s what we’re hoping for here. Trainer Dean Pederson is 0-for-7 first off the claim, but jockey Joe Talamo sees fit to ride this 3-year-old filly WARRENS PUPPY LOVE despite the fact he also rode two others in this race last time. The daughter of Mongol Warrior has tactical speed and should relish the 7 furlongs.


SEVENTH RACE: 1. Emollient, 2. Topic, 3. Floral Romance. LONG SHOT: Stormy Lucy.


EIGHTH RACE: 1. Cool Samurai (SCRATCHED), 2. El Nino Terrible, 3. Papa Turf. LONG SHOT: Friendswith K Mill. New order: 1. The Admiral, 2. El Nino Terrible, 3. Papa Turf. LONG SHOT: True Ten.


NINTH RACE: 1. Koast, 2. Mr. Bossy Pants (SCRATCHED), 3. Kilat. LONG SHOT: Candy’s Sunrise. New order: 1. Koast, 2. Kilat, 3. Candy’s Sunrise. LONG SHOT: Carbonite.

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Friday’s top choice winners: 2 (Harlington’s Rose $2.60, second race; Yana $4, fifth)

Friday’s second choice winners: 2 (Love Forever $16.20, first; Bosque Angel $7.20, eighth)

Friday’s third choice winners: 2 (Spiced Latte $8.20, third; Boozer $42.20, seventh)

Friday’s long shot winners: 0


Saturday’s top choice winners: 4 (Tribal Spy $10.40, fourth race; Wonderful Union $10.40, fifth; Let Faith Arise $10.60, seventh; Whine for Wine $3.80, ninth)

Saturday’s second choice winners: 1 (Morning Line Wiz $11.80, second)

Saturday’s third choice and long shot winners: 0

Horse racing, Santa Anita

Santa Anita picks for Wednesday, Jan. 1 (updated)

First, Happy New Year.

Second, jockey Tyler Baze returns to the saddle after a suspension for substance abuse. Let’s hope he has his act together in his personal life and on the track.

Lots of scratches early.

FIRST RACE: 1. Rebelution (SCRATCHED), 2. Sunland Vintage, 3. Glad’s Gals. LONG SHOT: Lethal Miss.


SECOND RACE: 1. Govenor Charlie (SCRATCHED), 2. Little Jerry, 3. Fury Kapcori. LONG SHOT: Safety Belt.


THIRD RACE: 1. Joe Carl, 2. Go to the Pulpit, 3. Cook Inlet. LONG SHOT: Romeo Royale.


FOURTH RACE: 1. Right on Schedule, 2. Tommy’s Kid, 3. Atticus Scouts. LONG SHOT: Robertino.


FIFTH RACE: 1. Setsuko, 2. Say Ow, 3. Ever Rider. LONG SHOT: Scorpion Warrior.


SIXTH RACE: 1. Perfecta, 2. Smart N Dreamy, 3. Boller Bomb. LONG SHOT: Ricspretentiousgal.

Interesting jockey switch here on PERFECTA, a daughter of Pleasantly Perfect. Joe Talamo has ridden three of the last four times, not necessarily with great success, so trainer Richard Mandella goes to the red hot Gary Stevens. They are a 40% proposition the last year so why try to fight it.


SEVENTH RACE: 1. Betty Bing Bing, 2. Very Thankful, 3. Glorious Rebecca. LONG SHOT: Exclusive Girl.


EIGHTH RACE: 1. Rever de Vous, 2. Full Ransom, 3. Sushi Empire. LONG SHOT: Saintly Joan.


NINTH RACE: 1. Apache Ambush, 2. Second Proposal, 3. Goyan. LONG SHOT: Grand Humor.

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Horse racing, Santa Anita

Santa Anita picks for Sunday, Dec. 29

FIRST RACE: 1. Made to Worship (best bet), 2. Shakeitupbetty, 3. Cause Ur My babe. LONG SHOT: Wired for Fun.

Trainer Jerry Hollendorfer is no slouch when it comes to winning with first-timers (25 percent) and this daughter of Ministers Wild Cat looks live with this bunch. Leading rider Rafael Bejarano will be aboard MADE TO WORSHIP.


SECOND RACE: 1. No Tricks for Jack, 2. Born Lucky, 3. Ghost N Your Heart. LONG SHOT: Amulay.

Trainer Victor Garcia is pretty good sprint to route (27%) and NO TRICKS FOR JACK has a big work over the Santa Anita dirt. This filly got bumped at the start last time and may have prevented a better effort.


THIRD RACE: 1. Modern Empire, 2. Seeking the West, 3. Scarly Charly. LONG SHOT: Perfect Set.


FOURTH RACE: 1. Black Witch, 2. Zanbo, 3. Heat du Jour. LONG SHOT: Fadeintoinfinity.


FIFTH RACE: 1. Brown Is Beige, 2. Princess Suances, 3. Acute. LONG SHOT: Rachels Belle.


SIXTH RACE: 1. Distant Image, 2. Noise of the Crowd, 3. Joeandbetty’sbaby. LONG SHOT: Blushing Martha.


SEVENTH RACE: 1. Fashion Plate, 2. Star Sighting, 3. Beverly the Boss. LONG SHOT: Mum.


EIGHTH RACE: 1. Moone’s My Name, 2. Gulsary, 3. Customer Base. LONG SHOT: Champagneandcaviar.


NINTH RACE: 1. Mini Candy, 2. Grammy Times Six, 3. Impeccably. LONG SHOT: Mudge (SCRATCHED)

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Saturday’s top choice winners: 2 (San Onofre $2.40, second race; Unbridled’s Note $5.00, eighth)

Saturday’s second choice winners: 3 (Ontology $5, sixth; Seeking the Sherif $3.80, seventh; Exotic Behavior $4.20, ninth)

Saturday’s third choice winners: 3 (Tiz Dynamic $6.40, first; Brando the Birdman $8.60, third; Enterprising $5.60, fourth)

Saturday’s long shot winners: 0

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HRTV finally coming to Del Mar, sort of

Finally, HorseRacing Television (HRTV) will be able to show the races from Del Mar beginning next summer.

For years, the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club has had an exclusive agreement with TVG, but the California Horse Racing Boasrd had other ideas.

“The CHRB wanted this to happen,” said Josh Rubinstein, senior vice president, development for the DMTC on Thursday. “We were fine with it as long as TVG was, too. They were our partner.”

After two weeks of negotiations, an agreement was announced at Thursday’s CHRB meeting.

“Everyone will be probably compensated,” said Rubinstein, as both HRTV/Xpressbet and TVG are also in the advance deposit wagering business, too.”The more people that receive the Del Mar product, the better.”

What’s to be determined is whether HRTV personalities will actually be on the Del Mar grounds?

The simple answer is probably not.

The agreement will likely be like the one currently in place at other Southern California tracks.

At Santa Anita, HRTV is on-site while TVG just talks and shows the races from its studios in Santa Monica. At Hollywood Park, TVG is on-site while HRTV talks about the races from Arcadia.

Whatever the case, at least horse racing fans will have a choice of which network they want to get their handicapping information from. Todd Schrupp/Simon Bray vs. Laffit Pincay III/Kurt Hoover.

Rubinstein did add TVG would continue to handle the inter-track wagering show like it has for the last few years.

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Breeders' Cup, Hollywood Park, Horse racing, Santa Anita

Did fiasco at Breeders’ Cup result in Santa Anita’s change of track superintendent?


Majestic City, inside, wins the Big Bear stakes on Thursday of Breeders’ Cup week at Santa Anita Park in Arcadia. BENOIT PHOTO


Did Breeders’ Cup fiasco result in Santa Anita track superintendent change?

In case you missed it, Santa Anita Park put out the following press release late Wednesday afternoon:

Santa Anita Park has announced that highly respected trackman Dennis Moore will take over duties as Track Superintendent effective immediately.  Moore has built and maintained track surfaces the world-over for the past 40 years and is currently in charge of main tracks at both Betfair Hollywood Park and at Los Alamitos Racecourse.

“We have so many variables to contend with here, from hot and dry conditions to large amounts of rain and limited sunshine in the winter months,” said Tom Ludt, Senior Vice President, Racing & Gaming for Santa Anita.  “It is imperative that our racing surfaces are maintained in world-class fashion and Dennis provides us with the level of expertise and understanding that is required.  This is great news for Santa Anita.”

A Southern California native, Moore, 63, has maintained surfaces at racetracks and training centers throughout North America and in Canada, Dubai, U.A.E., England, and Germany as well.


Now one can’t help wonder if this change came about because trainer Bob Baffert was bitching and moaning about the Santa Anita main track before the recent Breeders’ Cup and the fiasco that was Thursday and Friday of Breeders’ Cup week when the dirt surface was a paved highway when you got inside, the lead and you probably won the race.

Breeders’ Cup officials were none too happy with that surface on Friday which resulted in tractors hitting the surface soon after the last race and not stopping until morning training 12 hours later. The result was a much fairer track for Saturday’s championship races.

When media members asked about what was done to the main track overnight, they received a response from Nate Newby, vice president, marketing for Santa Anita, which said, “Santa Anita’s main track is fast and the turf course is firm (Rail set at 0 feet).  Main track conditioners are set at 3.5 inches.  The current moisture in the main track is 19% by volume and will be closely monitored throughout the day by track consultant Dr. Mick Peterson.  Watering schedules will be adjusted to keep the moisture content at optimum levels per Dr. Peterson.”

No. 1, what track has its marketing director talk about the main track and where was Dr. Peterson on Friday when the track was apparently bone dry?

According to my sources, Santa Anita’s main track superintendent before Wednesday was Andy LaRocco, not that you could find the information anywhere in the press guide, unless I missed it, and if it I did, I stand corrected.

LaRocco holds the same position at Gulfstream Park in Hallandale Beach, Fla. This is the way track owner Frank Stonach tries to save money. Why have two guys with the same title when one will do? Never mind that Gulfstream and Santa Anita race at the same time of the year and don’t even remotely have the same climate.

The fact that Moore became available because Hollywood Park is going out of business next month probably had something to do with the change, but I willing to bet the fact that the Breeders’ Cup is coming back to Santa Anita next year again had even more (no pun intended) to do with it.

I’ve heard nothing but good things about Moore. Southern California trainers have routinely raved about the Hollywood Park surface as being the best in the state so it appears Santa Anita is getting a good one. Let’s hope so for everyone’s sake: owners, trainers, bettors and thoroughbreds.

At least he lives in Southern California.

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