Belmont Park, Horse racing

Jeff Nahill’s Belmont Park opinions for Saturday, July 4 (Races 7-11)

SEVENTH RACE: 1. Jo’s Bold Cat, 2. Danfusi, 3. Point Him Out. LONG SHOT: Bad Guy.

EIGHTH RACE: 1. Seismic Wave (best bet), 2. Valid Point, 3. Got Stormy. LONG SHOT: Hawkish.

NINTH RACE: 1. Mr Freeze, 2. Code of Honor, 3. McKinzie. LONG SHOT: Network Effect.

10TH RACE: 1. Devamani, 2. Instilled Regard, 3. Cross Border. LONG SHOT: Spooky Channel.

11TH RACE: 1. Just Whistle, 2. Sir Winston, 3. Moretti. LONG SHOT: Forewarned.

Good luck. Stay safe.

Horse racing, Santa Anita

Santa Anita opinions for Saturday, June 8

FIRST: 1. Tammy’s Window, 2. Super Patriot, 3. Candy Swirls. LONG SHOT: Fool’s Paradise.

SECOND: 1. Miss That Kat, 2. Jack’s Diva, 33. I Belong to Becky. LONG SHOT: Handsome John.

THIRD: 1. Dukes Up, 2. Oh Man, 3. Top of the Game. LONG SHOT: Mongolian Humor.

FOURTH: 1. Desmond Doss, 2. My Journey, 3. Flicflac. LONG SHOT: Bud Knight.

FIFTH: 1. Time for Kisses, 2. Convince, 3. A Dime for Me. LONG SHOT: Miss Bennet.

SIXTH: 1. Don’t Sell, 2. Great Return, 3. G Q Covergirl. LONG SHOT: Tizanillusion.

SEVENTH: 1. For Him, 2. Rick’s Dream, 3. Market Sentiment. LONG SHOT: Nova.

EIGHTH: 1. Factorial, 2. Overdue, 3. Ultimate Bango. LONG SHOT: Hootie.

NINTH: 1. San Giorgio, 2. Wicken Fen, 3. Lil Sydney. LONG SHOT: Red Valor.

10TH: 1. Formal Dude, 2. Drink, 3. Scrambled. LONG SHOT: Union Station.

Good luck

Belmont Park, Horse racing

Belmont Park stakes opinions for Saturday, June 8

THIRD RACE (Easy Goer): 1. Outshine, 2. Alwaysmining, 3. Majid, 4. Dream Maker. LONG SHOT: Still Dreaming.

FOURTH RACE (Grade I Just A Game): 1. Beau Recall, 2. Rushing Fall, 3. Got Stormy, 4. Environs. LONG SHOT: Daddy Is a Legend.

FIFTH RACE (Grade I Ogden Phipps): 1. Escape Clause, 2. Midnight Bisou, 3. Come Dancing, 4. Mopotism. LONG SHOT: Pacific Wind.

SIXTH RACE (Grade I Jaipur): 1. World of Trouble, 2. Undrafted, 3. Dirty, 4. Belvoir Bay. LONG SHOT: Diamond Oops.

SEVENTH RACE (Grade I Acorn): 1. Cookie Dough, 2. Serengeti Empress, 3. Queen of Beas, 4. Guarana. LONG SHOT: Ce Ce.

EIGHTH RACE (Grade I Woody Stephens): 1. Honest Mischief, 2. Much Better, 3. Wendell Fong, 4. Complexity. LONG SHOT: Lexitonian.

NINTH RACE (Grade I Met Mile): 1. Prince Lucky, 2. McKenzzie, 3. Mitole, 4. Firenze Fire. LONG SHOT: Coal Front.

10TH RACE (Grade I Manhattan): 1. Channel Maker, 2. Raging Bull, 3. Bricks and Mortar, 4. Robert Bruce. LONG SHOT: Channel Cat.

11TH RACE (Grade I Belmont) : 1. Spinoff, 2. War of Will, 3. Tacitus, 4. Bourbon War. LONG SHOT: Sir Winston.
This isn’t the Belmont expected, especially with no Kentucky Derby winner or any Bob Baffert-trained horses entered. It is, what it is. Spinoff has been given time off since the Derby when he was wide throughout. If Javier Castellano can use this 3-year-old’s speed and keep close to the pace, I think he has a shot at a price. War of Will showed in the Preakness that the Derby trouble was real. Tacitus seems to be everyone’s favorite.

13TH RACE (Grade II Brooklyn): 1. Campaign, 2. Marconi, 3. Rocketry, 4. You’re to Blame. LONG SHOT: Sonneteer.

Good luck.

Belmont Park, Churchill Downs, Horse racing

Churchill Downs opinions for Saturday, June 8 (Updated)

PREVIEW: Several jockeys are at Belmont Park today so jockey Florent Geroux has picked up a lot of mounts, especially for trainer Steve Asmussen, so Geroux could have a very big day. Don’t sleep on him.

NOTE: They are sloppy and off the turf in races 5 and 8. So take these picks with a grain of salt. Look for wet track pedigree.

FIRST: 1. Zyramid, 2. Nucky, 3. Halfmoon Reef. LONG SHOT: Cheeseburger.

SECOND: 1. Lunar Approach, 2.Ransomed, 3. Day by Day. LONG SHOT: Game Time Decision.

THIRD: 1. Magical, 2. Pretty Greeley, 3. Maybe Wicked. LONG SHOT: Special Relativity.

FOURTH: 1. Don’teatmycookies, 2. (Entry) Dilly Dally Darby and Estrela Cadente, 3. Indicating. LONG SHOT: Pinotage.

FIFTH: 1. Confessing (best bet), 2. Our Bay B Ruth, 3. Silver Kitten. LONG SHOT: Lady Rosalie. OFF THE TURF IGNORE PICKS

SIXTH: 1. Better Charge It, 2. Light of the World, 3. On d;Oro. LONG SHOT: Kansas City Zip.

SEVENTH: 1. Make Noise, 2. Paddock Pick, 3. Mine My Time. LONG SHOT: Brush Country.

EIGHTH: 1. Cosmic Code, 2. Be Nimble, 3. Bella Laura. LONG SHOT: Talbeya. OFF THE TURF IGNORE PICKS

NINTH: 1. Combatant, 2. Matrooh, 3. Solomini. LONG SHOT: Kershaw.

10TH: 1. Mom’s On Strike, 2. Limari, 3. Stave. LONG SHOT: Smart Emma.

11TH: 1. Ready and Rich, 2. New Frontier, 3. Admiral Brown. LONG SHOT: Not Very Gentle.

Good luck.

Belmont Park, Horse racing, Triple Crown

Belmont Park opinions for Saturday, June 9 (Belmont Stakes Day)

Stakes races only

SECOND RACE (Easy Goer): 1. Breaking the Rules, 2. Mask, 3. Prince Lucky, 4. Dark Vader. LONG SHOT: Soutache.

THIRD RACE (Grade I Ogden Phipps): 1. Abel Tasman, 2. Unbridled Mo, 3. Pacific Wind, 4. Ivy Bell. LONG SHOT: Berned.

FOURTH RACE (Grade I Acorn): 1. Talk Veuve to Me, 2. Monomoy Girl, 3. Gio Game, 4. Caledonia Road. LONG SHOT: Starcloud.

FIFTH RACE (Grade II Brooklyn Invitational): 1. Hoppertunity, 2. War Story, 3. Hard Study, 4. Outplay. LONG SHOT: Take Your Guns.

SIXTH RACE (Grade Ii Jaipur Invitational): 1. Pocket Change, 2. Stormy Liberal, 3. Pure Sensation, 4. Blind Ambition. LONG SHOT: Holding Gold.

SEVENTH RACE (Grade II Woody Stephens): 1. Engage, 2. The Tabulaor, 3. World of Trouble, 4. Kanthaka. LONG SHOT: Strike Power.

EIGHTH RACE (Grade I Just A Game): 1. Cambodia, 2. Lull, 3. On Leave, 4. Off Limits. LONG SHOT: Dream Dancing.

NINTH RACE (Grade I Met Mile): 1. Bolt d’Oro, 2. Bee Jersey, 3. McCracken, 4. Mind Your Biscuits. LONG SHOT: Awesome Slew.

10TH RACE (Grade I Manhattan): 1. Channel Maker, 2. Beach Patrl, 3. Robert Bruce, 4. Fashion Business. LONG SHOT: Alexis Komnenos.

11TH RACE (Grade I Belmont Stakes): 1. Justify, 2. Tenfold, 3. Vino Rosso, 4. Hofburg. LONG SHOT: Gronkowski.

I haven’t picked Justify to win the first two legs of the Triple Crown, but that’s because I hate picking favorites. There’s no doubt he’s the best of this crop and I expect him to win the race today by going to the front and never looking back. Tenfold was closing like a freight train in the Preakness while Vino Rosso and Hofburg have the pedigrees plus connections to win or at least do well in this 1 1/2-mile test. The real interesting horse is Gronkowski. He was suppose to run in the Derby but got sick. Now, he’s in the Chad Brown barn. He could be any kind.

Good luck.

Belmont Park, Horse racing

Belmont Park opinions for Saturday, June 10

Preview: In looking at the entries, if jockey Mike Smith has a big day, then so will trainer Bob Baffert as he ships at least three horses East for the Belmont Stakes card. More picks on other races to come:

11TH RACE (Grade I Belmont): 1. #10 Multiplier (15-1), 2. #3 Gormley (8-1), 3. #7 Irish War Cry (7-2). LONG SHOT: #1 Twisted Tom (20-1).
With the non-entry of Classic Empire, this is a wide open race. Don’t take a short price. Multiplier puts blinkers on after some trouble in the Preakness. Jockey Joel Rosario saw enough to ride this 3-year-old back. Gormley has been waiting since running in the Derby and might be up for a good one.

SECOND RACE (Easy Goer): 1. #8 You’re to Blame (4-1), 2. #7 West Coast (5-2), 3. # 5 Local Hero (5-1. LONG SHOT: #6 Tale of Silence (15-1).

THIRD RACE (Grade II Brooklyn Invitational): 1. #5 Tu Brutas (2-1), 2. #4 Send It In (7-5), 3. #3 Sunny Ridge (10-1). LONG SHOT: #7 War Story (6-1).

FOURTH RACE (Grade I Acorn): 1. Union Strike (8-1 BEST BET), 2. #3 Abel Tasman, 3. #8 Salty (4-1). LONG SHOT: #2 Florida Fabulous (15-1).

FIFTH RACE (Grade I Ogden Phipps): 1. #5 Songbird (1-2), 2. #1 Highway Star (10-1), 3. #7 Carina Mia (6-1). LONG SHOT: #2 Paid Up Subscriber (8-1).

SIXTH RACE (Grade III Jaipur): 1. #10 Stormy Liberal, 2. #2 Disco Partner, 3. #3 Pure Sensation. LONG SHOT: #8 Canadian Flyer (20-1).

SEVENTH RACE (Grade II Woody Stephens): 1. #11 Petrov (8-1), 2. #3 Recruiting Ready (6-1), 3. #8 American Athem. LONG SHOT: #4 Gold for the King (15-1).

EIGHTH RACE (Grade I Just A Game): 1. #7 Antonoe (8-1), 2. #5 Celestine (3-1), 3. #2 Roca Rojo (9-5). LONG SHOT: #3 Prize Exhibit (20-1).

NINTH RACE (Grade I Met Mile): 1. #2 Rally Cry (5-1), 2. #9 Mor Spirit (5-2), 3. #S Sharp Azteca (7-2). LONG SHOT: #8 Tom’s Ready.

10th RACE (Grade I Manhattan): 1. #6 Potemkin (8-1), 2. #2 Wake Forest (8-1), 3. #4 Time Test (5-1). LONG SHOT: #9 Sadler’s Joy (6-1).

Good luck.

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Belmont Park

Belmont Park opinions for Friday, June 9

FIFTH RACE (Tremont): 1. #1 He Hate me, 2. #7 Salmanazar, 3. #5 Direct Dial. LONG SHOT: #3 Presence of Mind.

EIGHTH RACE (Grade II True North): 1. #7 Roy H, 2. #8 Whitmore, 3. #Fellowship. LONG SHOT: #9 El Deal.

NINTH RACE (Grade II The New York): 1. #1 Quidura, 2. #6 Sea Calisi, 3. #3 Apple Betty. LONG SHOT: #4 Kitten’s Roar.

10th RACE (Grade III Belmont Gold Cup): 1. #12 Wicklow Brave, 2. #10 Red Cardinal, 3. #11 Taghleeb. LONG SHOT: #5 Clondaw Warrior.

11th RACE (Grade III Bed O’ Roses): 1. #7 Mia Torri, 2. #9 By the Moon, 3. #5 Lightstream. LONG SHOT: #2 High Ridge Road.

Good Luck

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Belmont Park, Horse racing, Keeneland Race Course

Belmont and Keeneland opinions for Saturday, Oct. 8


Race 4 (The Frizette): 1. Nonna Mela, 2. Sky Gesture, 3. Yellow Agate. LONG SHOT: Colorful Charades.

Race 5 (The Kelso Handicap): 1. #2 Point Piper (3-1), 2. Tommy macho, 3. Tamarkuz. LONG SHOT: Ocean Knight.
POINT PIPER really came to life in the Longacres Mile for trainer Jerry Hollendorfer, who is 19% when he ships. The Longacres was this 6-year-old’s Beyer. He loves to come from off the pace and with the long stretch jockey Mario Gutierrez shouldn’t hit the button until the top of the lane.

Race 6 (The Flower Bowl): 1. Lady Eli, 2. Sea Calisi, 3. Strike Charmer. LONG SHOT: Ame Bleue.

Race 7 (The Belmont Turf Sprint Invitational): 1. Power Alert, 2. Pure Sensation, 3. Ready for Rye. LONG SHOT: Triple Burner.

Race 8 (The Champagne): 1. #6 Big Gray Rocket (6-1), 2. Practical Joke, 3. Favorable Outcome. LONG SHOT: Syndergaard.
Trainer Bob Baffert is shipping 2-year-olds all over the country because his barn is loaded which is why BIG GRAY ROCKET is running here. Baffert is 33% when he ships and 25% when he sends a horse first time at a route.This colt was odds-on in his first start, got left at the gate and still almost won. Then he blew away the field at 6 1/2 furlongs. He wants longer and gets it here. Jockey Mike Smith, 31% with Baffert, jumps on.

Race 9 (The Hill Prince): 1. #7 Monster Bea (8-1), 2. Camelot Kitten, 3. American Patriot. LONG SHOT: Conquest Daddyo.
This gelding MONSTER BEA was impressive on opening day at Del Mar winning the Oceanside and then he finished fourth twice in graded company, the last one missing by a half-length. Pure and simple he’s a closer and will have to get the right ride. Leading jockey Javier Castellano jumps on and the longer stretch at Belmont should help. Trainer Peter Miller is 16% with shippers.

Race 10 (The Jockey Club Gold Cup): 1. Effinex, 2. Hoppertunity, 3. Mubtaahij. LONG SHOT: Protonico.


Race 5 (The Woodford): 1. Front Pockey Money, 2. Hogy, 3. Almasty. LONG SHOT: Mosler.

Race 6 (The Thoroughbred Club Of America): 1. #5 Bendable (6-1), 2. Stonetastic, 3. I’m a Looker. LONG SHOT: Irish Jasper.
Could trainer Richard Mandella picked a harder spot for Bendable’s graded stakes debut? Probably not, but that’s the point Mandella wants to find out if this filly belongs in the Breeders’ Cup F&M Sprint next month at her home base of Santa Anita. Mandella isn’t shipping for the heck of it. He’s 29% with shippers. She has “California speed” and should be able to stalk the pace and pounce in the stretch under Jose Ortiz.

Race 7 (The First Lady): 1. Tepin, 2. Now Or Never, 3. Celestine. LONG SHOT: Onus.

Race 8 (The Breeders’ Futurity): 1. Classic Empire, 2. No Dozing, 3. Singing Bullet. LONG SHOT: Blame Will.

Race 9: (The Shadwell Turf Mile): 1. Miss Temple City, 2. Tower of Texas, 3. Mondoaliste. LONG SHOT: Ring Weekend.

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Belmont Park, Horse racing

Belmont Park opinions for Saturday, July 9


RACE 6 (The Victory Ride): 1. Lost Raven, 2. Coppa, 3. Appealing Maggie, 4. Malibu Stacy.
COPPA is 2-for-2 at Santa Anita and trainer Phil D’Amato gives him a shot in a graded stakes. California speed is different so he willbe out winging but LOST RAVEN is a true closer.

Race 7 (The Dwyer): 1. #7 Swipe (6-1), 2. Economic Model, 3. Fish Trappe Road, 4. Voluntario.
This colt SWIPE chased Nyquist all last year and got a slow start in 2016. Now trainer Keith Desormeaux reunited the son of Birdstone with his brother jockey Kent Desormeaux. This 3-year-old hasn’t received the best of rides in his two races this year and I think he’s ready to give his best effort.

Race 8 (The Belmont Derby): 1. #2 Ralis (20-1), 2. Long Island Sound, 3. Humphrey Bogart, 4. Deauville.
This colt RALIS may have found a home on the grass with two runner-up finishes on the grass at Santa Anita. Yes, this is a huge step up for him, but the son of Square Eddie seems to want to go this far. Jockey Mario Gutierrez just needs to stay out of trouble in this talented field.

Race 9 (The Suburban): 1. Mubtaahij, 2. Noble Bird, 3. Effines, 4. Eagle.

Race 10 (Belmont Oaks Invitational): 1. #10 Land Over Sea (20-1), 2. Catch a Glimpse, 3. Magnanime, 4. Coolnmore.
We loved LAND OVER SEA in the Kentucky Oaks and Black Eyed Susan but she may have run out of steam after a tough spring. She also didn’t receive the best of rides from Gutierrez in either race. This is her toughest spot yet, but notice one thing on her PPs: She broke her maiden over the Del Mar grass last year in her only turf appearance so if Gutierrez can keep her out of trouble maybe we’ll have a huge upset..

Race 11 (Belmont Sprint Championship): 1. Green Gratto, 2. Private Zone, 3. Roxbury N Overton, 4. A.P. Indian.

Belmont Park, Horse racing, Santa Anita

Santa Anita opinions for Saturday, June 11

Preview: Another 11-race card on a Saturday but at least the first post is earlier. However, track management will take an hour off around the Belmont and still keep bettors at the track until after 7 p.m. probably. Lots of top jockeys on the East Coast so looks for the likes of Rafael Bejarano, Tyler Baze and Joe Talamo to have big days.

Race 4 – SA
#5 Black Sheared Anvil: This gelding drops from the straigght maiden ranks to maiden claiming for the first time. Trainer Richard Mandella is 23% with horses off a 46 to 90-day layoff and he has to get Santiago Gonzalez to ride since Flavien Prat is back in New York.

Race 6 – SA
#8 Skookum Spirit: Another gelding dropping into a maiden claimer for the first. This 3-year-old has shown speed in all of his races and if he does that here, he could be long gone. Trainer Steve Miyadi and jockey Edwin Maldonado are a 21% combination.

Race 9 – SA
#6 Unbridled Rocket: This 3-year-old was claimed out his last race, a loss to the speedy Navy Hymn, by trainer Jack Carava, but the gelding is taking a key drop from an open claimer to a non-winners of two races. Santiago Gonzalez jumps on and has had moderate success with Carva. – Jeff Nahill
Jeff’s Playbook: 3 units to win, 4 units to place and 5 units to show.

Race 11 – SA
#4 Sassy Ashley: This is the money run for this filly. She showed speed off the layoff and tired to finish fourth. Trainer Richard Baltas brings her back at the same distance and jockey Rafael Bejarano (29%) with Baltas stays aboard.

Belmont Stakes picks
4 – Suddenbreakingnews
11 – Exaggerator
1 – Governor Malibu
13 – Creator

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