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Jeff Nahill’s Del Mar opinions for Thursday, Aug. 11

Note: At first glance, it looks like trainers John Sadler (3-30), Peter Miller (7-46) and Doug O’Neill (7-47) could have big days so that means lots of low-priced winners.

Jockey Armando Ayuso is 0-for-43 and seems overmatched. How can you bet the guy? Of course, I just kissed him into the winner’s circle today and he’s riding a couple for “The Pappa” but still …

FIRST RACE: 6-2-3-4

SECOND RACE: 3-2-4-6

THIRD RACE: 1-6-8-4

FOURTH RACE: 2-6-10-11

FIFTH RACE: 1-7-9-8

SIXTH RACE: 4-8-11-7


EIGHTH RACE: 9-4-1-6

Good luck. Stay safe.


2 thoughts on “Jeff Nahill’s Del Mar opinions for Thursday, Aug. 11

  1. doug sovinsky says:

    First note— I have been praying for both you and your family. I don’t know the circumstances, but that’s OK — someone does. Maybe keep us informed how things are going, if possible. No one ever promised that the road of life would always be smooth… as you know. Anyway…. note 2 — thanks for Thursday picks. Well at least for that last race8. I played the late p4 and although noticed that you missed Daniel #4 in r.5, its OK. I use all the available pickers but always look to you also. I had 2 horses in r.8 yesterday, 4,11 — but when I saw that you had the 9 and NO ONE had it, I tucked it in — WOW — what a closer. Very nice spot Jeff. My p.4 was a winning ticket — very nice payoff. THANKS to you really because of that 9. Best to you Jeff, talk again. Stay cool too!!!

  2. gLAD YOU HIT THe last race. Family member ended up having oral surgery in a hospital. She is home and recovering, slowly, but recovery. Thanks for yours and everyone’s concern.

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