Horse racing

Jeff Nahill’s Del Mar opinions for Sunday, July 24

Note: Watch out for jockey Hector Berrios, who is in from Florida. He can ride the turf. Beware.

FIRST RACE: 4-7-5-6

SECOND RACE: 2-10-6-7

THIRD RACE: 7-3-4-1

FOURTH RACE: 7-9-5-2

FIFTH RACE: 1-2-10-7

SIXTH RACE: 3-10-7-6


EIGHTH RACE: 2-4-3-6


10TH RACE: 8-3-9-1

11TH: 10-2-6-8

Good luck. Stay safe.


One thought on “Jeff Nahill’s Del Mar opinions for Sunday, July 24

  1. Ger Mario says:

    Like me, I’ve been a huge admirer of HIB for a very long time, and I just learned about your viewpoint when I was looking for early scratches at the DMTC website. However, knowing that you’ve recently distributed early PK5s on 8/5 & 8/6/22, fantastic work, sir! I wish I had known sooner!
    If you only have $200, for instance, how would you play HIB for the highest payout? WPS, Ex, Qnl, Tri, PK3, or PK4? Why is it that whenever HIB wins and I picked him, I always leave with less money?

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