Horse racing

Jeff Nahill’s Del Mar opinions for Saturday, Nov. 28

FIRST RACE: 1. Kazan, 2. Three Ay Em, 3. Marckie’s Water. LONG SHOT: Masteroffoxhounds.

SECOND: 1. Gates of Heaven, 2. Love My Jimmy, 3. Ghoster. LONG SHOT: King Wave.

THIRD: 1. Mo See Cal (best bet), 2. Nasty, 3. Zee Drop. LONG SHOT: Croughavouke.

FOURTH: 1. Editor in Chief, 2. Parnelli, 3. North Pole. LONG SHOT: Allaboutthemoney.

FIFTH: 1. Javanica, 2. Pizzazz, 3. Bay Storm, 4. Closing Remarks. LONG SHOT: Nimbostratus.

SIXTH: 1. King Parker, 2. Great Power, 3. Connection. LONG SHOT: Ecologist.

SEVENTH: 1. Anothertwistafate, 2. One Bad Boy, 3. Flavius, 4. Bowies Hero. LONG SHOT: Imperador.

EIGHTH: 1. Colt Fiction, 2. Curry, 3. Policy. LONG SHOT: Coalinga Road.

NINTH: 1. Decorated Invader, 2. Gufo, 3. Smooth Like Strait, 4. Domestic Spending. LONG SHOT: Taishan.

Good luck. Stay safe.


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