Horse racing

Jeff Nahill’s Del Mar opinions for Friday, Nov. 27

FIRST RACE: Explosive, 2. Absolute Unit, 3. Yeng Again. LONG SHOT: Ekin.

SECOND: 1. Anitihetical, 2. El Huerfano, 3. Bottle of Smoke. LONG SHOT: Offshore Affair.

THIRD: 1. Goodtingscominpink, 2. Viazar, 3. Zucchera. LONG SHOT: A Thousand Dreams.

FOURTH: 1. Chollima, 2. Lady On Lice, 3. Saving Sophie. LONG SHOT: Apache Pass.

FIFTH: 1. Golden, 2. Ivy League, 3. Miss Peaky Blinder. LONG SHOT: Carpe Fortuna.

SIXTH: 1. Jamming Eddy, 2. Tigre Di Slugo. LONG SHOT: Rayray.

SEVENTH: 1. Say the Word (best bet), 2. Laccarlo, 3. Arklow. LONG SHOt: Red King.

EIGHTH: 1. Scherzo, 2. Golden Principal, 3. Velvet Queen. LONG SHOT: Powerfulattraction.

NINTH: 1. Inch, 2. Uncle Ray, 3. Leme At Em. LONG SHOT: Seven Charms.

Good luck. Stay safe.


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