Horse racing

Jeff Nahill’s Del Mar opinions for Sunday, Nov. 22

FIRST RACE: 1. Save the Story, 2. Our Romance, 3. Misty At the Top. LONG SHOT: Keep It Classy.

SECOND: 1. Lifew Is Good, 2. Wipe the Slate, 3. Santos to Wilson. LONG SHOT: Scales of Justice.

THIRD: 1. Mariah Girl, 2. Brittle and Yoo, 3. Claro Que Si. LONG SHOT: Flat Out Joy.

FOURTH: 1. Shoe Game, 2. Paige Runner, 3. Boonesboro Beauty. LONG SHOT: Free My Soul.

FIFTH: Master Ryan, 2. Fat Stacks, 3. Queen’s Code. LONG SHOT: Crankin.

SIXTH: 1. Shimmer Me Timbers, 2. Big Well, 3. Crash Corrigan. LONG SHOT: Careless Kitten.

SEVENTH: 1. Ekklesia (best bet), 2. Tripoli, 3. I’m Leaving You. LONG SHOT: Wayne O.

EIGHTH: 1. Take the One O One, 2. El Tigre Terrible, 3. Galilean. LONG SHOT: Oliver.

NINTH: 1. Quick and Dirty, 2. Cutetip, 3. Chicks Dig Munny. LONG SHOT: Basil Flavor.

Good luck. Stay safe.   


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