Horse racing, Tampa Bay Downs

Tampa Bay Downs opinions for Wednesday, March 4

FIRST RACE: 1. Premium Motion, 2. Itsherluckyday, 3. Charging Renee. LONG SHOT: Ms. Amethyst.

SECOND RACE: 1. Flashy Patch, 2. Mambo Dancer, 3. Patriotic Endeavor. LONG SHOT: Diablo’s Darling.

THIRD RACE: 1. Foot Rub Love, 2. Eve On the Finish, 3. Ray’s Silver Storm. LONG SHOT: Jost Dreamy.

FOURTH RACE: 1.General, 2. Snow Lion, 3. Corcoron. LONG SHOT: Ed’s Dog.

FIFTH RACE: 1. Perfetto, 2. Venezuelan Warrior, 3. Sammy’s Mineshaft. LONG SHOT: Ox Trot.

SIXTH RACE: 1. Travel Agent, 2. Cstch Ya Later Bro, 3. Embattled. LONG SHOT: Romancing the Cat.

SEVENTH RACE: 1. Bravely Bold, 2. Rare Hue, 3. My Computer. LONG SHOT: Trinni Alex.

EIGHTH RACE: 1. Itsagimme’s Girl, 2. Marmalade, 3. Shes Dyomite. LONG SHOT: Igottawhiteface.

NINTH RACE: 1. Lord Byron (best bet), 2. Danceronthebeach, 3. Lunag Ri. LONG SHOT: Chaos Kid.

Good luck.


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