Horse racing, Santa Anita

Santa Anita opinions for Friday, Feb. 14

FIRST RACE: 1. Zippininthecity, 2. It’s a Riddle, 3. Violent Speed. LONG SHOT: Golden Melodie.

SECOND RACE: 1. Temple Knights, 2.Concord Jet, 3. Red Valor. LONG SHOT: Polity.

THIRD RACE: 1. Love Not War, 2. Lady Ember, 3. Mrs. Kimberly K. LONG SHOT: Casillalater.

FOURTH RACE: 1. California Kook (best bet), 2. She’s Devoted, 3. Warrior’s Moon. LONG SHOT: Teachers Big Dream.

FIFTH RACE: 1. Lucky Ms Jones, 2. Lippy, 3. Miss Megan. LONG SHOT: Time for Suzzie.

SIXTH RACE: 1. Erotic, 2. Lifeline, 3. Hootie. LONG SHOT: Holy Ghost.

SEVENTH RACE: 1. Der Lu, 2. First Star, 3. Starr of Quality. LONG SHOT: Kaydetre.

EIGHTH RACE: 1. Hot Magistrate, 2. Dance Costume, 3. Too Hot for Curlin. LONG SHOT: Y Not Sizzle.

Good luck.


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