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Del Mar recap for 2019 summer season

In a recap of the Del Mar, I really wasn’t happy with my handicapping. Too many favorites won at the meet and as a friend told me, “If favorites are winning you and I aren’t doing well because we don’t pick favorites.”

The last two days of the meet were sort of indictative of how things went for me. I had five horse I picked second on Sunday win. On Monday, I had six horses I picked second or third win. So maybe my handicapping wasn’t all that bad, but maybe my picking was.
I just don’t think people want you to pick horses that, are going to be even money or less. They can find those horses all day long and if I picked favorites I would have a higher win percentage but my average per winner would be lower.
As many of you know I handicap for the San Diego Union-Tribune and my average winner was higher than Mike Superstein (who never met a favorite he didn’t like) and Jon Lindo, but they both picked way more winners.
Of course, I didn’t have one of my tools this meet, a computer program I use because my computer was stolen before the meet and I haven’t been able to buy a new one. Hopefully, have a new one shortly.
I think the thing that disappointed me the most was I didn’t identify enough long shots. I did a poor job of that this meet. Live and learn.
Jockey’s race
Flavien Prat won the title easily (42-32 over Drayden Van Dyke) but the top two didn’t give an inch the final week of the meet. Prat was 32-8-2-3 and Van Dyke was 30-8-9-4. Van Dyke ended up with the most runner-up finishes at the meet with 29 so maybe the race was closer than we thought.
Rafael Bejarano didn’t win a race the final three weeks of the meet and was 0 for 29 the last six days.
Training title
Doug O’Neill was 6 for 27 the final week and beat Peter Miller by three, 24-21. Some thought Miller might tank the final week but he was 20-5-5-2.
Bob Hess Jr. had a bad finaly six days with a 12-1-4-1 mark as did Brian Koriner 8-0-0-1.
Top choice winners: 1 (Zee Drop $7.60, 10th race)
Second choice winners: 2 (Magic at Midnight $2.40, first; Ronald R $11.60, fourth)
Third choice winners: 4 (Miss Megan $5.40, third; Senditlikechilly $4.60, fifth; Mandy $5, seventh; Guitty $5.60, eighth)
Long shot winners: 1 (Yesterdayoncemore $24, sixth)

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