Del Mar, Horse racing

Del Mar opinions for Friday, Aug. 19

FIRST RACE: 1. Heraclitus, 2. El Tigre Terrible, 3. Howbeit. LONG SHOT: Little Cents.
SECOND RACE: 1. Topgallant, 2. Mason Dixon, 3. Dieci. LONG SHOT: Fortune of War.
THIRD RACE: 1. Marilyn’s Smile, 2. Maycee Jo, 3. Sunrise Royale. LONG SHOT: Miss Voluptuous.
FOURTH RACE: 1. Lady Ninja, 2. Fighting Mad, 3. Spend Spend Spend. LONG SHOT: Time for Ebby.
FIFTH RACE: 1. Out of Balance (also eligible), 2. Pakhet, 3. Hollywood Girl, 4. Rayana. LONG SHOT: Hurley.
SIXTH RACE: 1. One Nation, 2. Midnight Mystery, 3. Fay Dan. LONG SHOT: Soldier Boy.
SEVENTH RACE: 1. Don’t Blame Judy, 2. Ippodamia’s Girl, 3. Streak of Luck. LONG SHOT: Paved.
EIGHTH RACE: 1. TESTIMONY (best bet), 2. Checks in he Mail, 3. Funusual. LONG SHOT: Fifteen to Vegas.

Good luck.


Top choice winners: 1 (Smiling Shirlee $7.80, seventh race)

Second choice winners: 3 (Julius 3.60, first; United $5.60, second; Give Me the Lute $7.20, 10th)

Third  choice winners: 2 (Jasikan ($5.80, eighth; King Jack $4.80, ninth)

Long shot winners: 0


Top choice winners: 2 (Thanks Mr. Eidson 43.80, first race; M Town Gem $17.60, second)

Second choice winners: 0

Third choice winners: 0

Long shot winners: 0


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