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Santa Anita opinions for March 29

Preview: Sorry no picks for Friday and I don’t know if I will continue to do Santa Anita in light of what happened at the CHRB today.
22 horses didn’t breakdown due to Lasix levels or use of the whip. To say so is ignorant.
The facts are this:
It has been a wet winter in Southern California;
Santa Anita chose to run on sealed racetracks, which for those that don’t understand are packed down so the moisture rolls off of it instead of into it.
Horses suffered injuries on that type of track or suffered damage on that type of track that manifested itself in a later race or workout.
No one wants to take the responsibility of saying they messed up.
Instead, people want to blame Lasix and whips.
There is nothing wrong with the Santa Anita track. I have been told this numerous times by owners and they should know.
On top of that, to let PETA have a seat at any table in this sport is ridiculous. When was the last time anyone from PETA went on the backstretch? I’ve been there. I’ve talked to trainers and jockeys. I saw Zenyatta in her stall. Did PETA?
These animals are treated like royalty. They are bred to run. Facts are 1,200 pound animals on four small legs are going to breakdown some times.
Are there abuses in the sport? Yes, just like any sport. Someone always wants to take short cut to success. Those should be the people groups should be going after in the sport.
Any way, long story short, I’ve been busy this week with many things. I still want to handicap but it might not be in Southern California until Del Mar. I think you will see smaller fields and cheap racing in this state until then. Owners can go to too many other places where purses are bigger and rules aren’t put in place due to a knee-jerk reactions.
Jeff Nahill


2 thoughts on “Santa Anita opinions for March 29

  1. michaelalley23 says:

    Pleasant morning Jeff how is your health i do hope you are on the improved.One question the other race tracks own by the stronch group do that rule NO LASSIX,NO WHIP applies.Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

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  2. Orville St.Clair says:

    Hi Jeff, You obviously have strong opinions concerning the Lasix issue, and are certainly free to present them. However, to be fair, many highly educated, respected people weigh in on both sides of the question. Please take a look at the following website, and ask that any interested party do the same.
    I personally believe in the principles instituted at Oaklawn Park by Charles Cella about 45 year ago. Limits on pre-race levels of Lasix and “Bute” allowed in a horses’ bloodstream on race days, and a ban on all race day medications. You might also find it interesting to compare the mortality rate of horses running at Oaklawn over the years with the mortality rate of horses running at other major tracks. I can’t testify to it, but I certainly remember many days when even Oaklawn Park raced on “sealed” surfaces. Sincerely, Orville St.Clair

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