Horse racing, Santa Anita

Santa Anita opinions for Sunday, April 8

FIRST RACE: 1. Harliss, 2. Conquest Smartee, 3. Imagineiamfastest. LONG SHOT: Saratoga Morning.

SECOND RACE: 1. Love a Honeybadger, 2. Lucky Student, 3. Red Stich. LONG SHOT: Princess Dorian.

THIRD RACE: 1. Borg, 2. Glorious Crown, 3. Awesome E K. LONG SHOT: Dapper Dixie.

FOURTH RACE: 1. Super Patriot, 2. South Boot Shirley, 3. Radish. LONG SHOT: Married by Now.

FIFTH RACE: 1. Twentytwentyvision, 2. Hoppertunity, 3. Noble Nick. LONG SHOT: Beaumarchais.

SIXTH RACE: 1. Dia de Pago, 2. Ax Man, 3. Aquila. LONG SHOT: Calexman.

SEVENTH RACE: 1. Skelton Pass, 2. Tina’s Exchange, 3. Oiseau de Guerre. LONG SHOT: Love My Bud.

EIGHTH RACE: 1. Mesa Sky, 2. Atomic Action, 3. Lambo Luxx. LONG SHOT: Ps Bettin On You.

NINTH RACE: 1. Ok Doll, 2. Nine Point Nine, 3. Del Mar Ann. LONG SHOT: MCadame Mousse.


Top choice winners: 4 (Zusha $8.40, first race; Fatale Bere $17.80, fifth; Accountability $11, seventh; Midnight Bisou $3.20, 11th)

Second choice winners: 0

Third choice winners: 5 (More Honor $7.40, second; Heck Yeah $5.20, sixth; Justify $3.80, ninth; Beau Recall $10.80, 10th; Pantsonfire $6.40, 12th)

Long shot winners: 0

Good luck.


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