Horse racing, Santa Anita

Santa Anita opinions for Thursday, March 29

FIRST RACE: 1. Frankincense, 2. Friendly Outthedor, 3. Gosilently. LONG SHOT: Ding Dong Ditch.

SECOND RACE: 1. Tenthousandreasons, 2. Blame the Weather, 3. Sweet Treat. LONG SHOT: Angel Tears.

THIRD RACE: 1. Street Vision, 2. Papa Turf, 3. Ketos. LONG SHOT: Red Carpet Cat.

FOURTH RACE: 1. Free Rose, 2. Isotherm, 3. Kenjisstorm. LONG SHOT: Ward ‘n Jerry.

FIFTH RACE: 1. Moonlight Blue, 2. Uncle Billy, 3. Taco Tuesday. LONG SHOT: Reverend Al.

SIXTH RACE: 1. Longden, 2. Phoenix Fire, 3. Jimmy Chila. LONG SHOT: Formal Dude.

SEVENTH RACE: 1. True Royalty, 2. Best of Me, 3. Highland Lass. LONG SHOT: Well Hello.

EIGHTH RACE: 1. Conquest Typhoon, 2. A Red Tie Day, 3. Royal Albert Hall. LONG SHOT: Lucky Bryan.

Good luck.


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