Horse racing, Santa Anita

Santa Anita opinions for Thursday, March 8

FIRST RACE: 1, Impression, 2. Kopitar, 3. Hoover Tower. LONG SHOT: Cats Blame.

SECOND RACE: 1. Regulate, 2. Core Beliefs, 3. Longden. LONG SHOT: Draft Pick.

THIRD RACE: 1. Sawbuck, 2. Perfection Tale, 3. Warren’s Fandango. LONG SHOT: Tequila Blanco.

FOURTH RACE: 1. Super Duper Cooper, 2. Old School Ike, 3. Two Thirty Five. LONG SHOT: Arch Prince.

FIFTH RACE: 1. Pantsonfire, 2. Fizzy Friday, 3. Do the Dance. LONG SHOT: Beautiful Becca.

SIXTH RACE: 1. Is Trevor Clever, 2. Lucky Staxx, 3. Lighthouse Point. LONG SHOT: Vegas Itch.

SEVENTH RACE: 1. Drouillard, 2. Popular Kid, 3. Rolls Royce Deal. LONG SHOT: Trapalanda.

EIGHTH RACE: 1. Subic Bay (best bet), 2. Duranga, 3. Hotsy Dotsy. LONG SHOT: Wicked Old Fashion.


Top choice winners: 2 (Elevated Knight $6.40, third; Take the One O One $4.80, fourth)

Second choice winners: 1 (Shackalov $4.40, fifth)

Third choice winners: 3 (Best of Me $6.40, first; Uncle Billy $3.60, second; Lambo Luxx $8.80, eighth)

Long shot winners: 0

Good luck.


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