Del Mar, Horse racing

Del Mar opinions for Friday, Nov. 10

FIRST RACE: 1. SWEETWATER GAL (best bet), 2. Tuscany Beauty, 3. Where’s the D. LONG SHOT: Public House.
SECOND RACE: 1. Ramona Lover, 2. Ransomed, 3. Radio Chatter. LONG SHOT: Yalla.
THIRD RACE: 1. Street Zombie, 2. Kershaw, 3. Jimmy Chila. LONG SHOT: Beer Tap.
FOURTH RACE: 1, Moonlight Mystique, 2. Mis Viola, 3. Hold That Smile. LONG SHOT: Cute Know Cute.
FIFTH RACE: 1. Well Caught, 2. Joyable, 3. Kennedie Sky. LONG SHOT: Speak Up Sailor.
SIXTH RACE: 1. Shook, 2. Spiritualist, 3. Tiz Wonderfully. LONG SHOT: Sudden Light.
SEVENTH RACE: 1. Battleground State, 2. Winemenow, 3. Ms Wakaya. LONG SHOT: Speakers.
EIGHTH RACE: 1. Wicked Sunset, 2. Venice, 3. Wild Edie. LONG SHOT: La Chepis.

Good luck.


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