Horse racing, Woodbine

Woodbine opinions for Sunday, July 2

Preview: Here are some opinions on the stakes races at Woodbine Race Course today, which features the Queen’s Plate. I like Wesley Ward’s Hootenanny in one of the undercard races, but he’s entered in two different races and I haven’t heard which race he is running in.

RACE 4 (The Highlander): 1. #8 Hottenanny, 2. #4 Green Mask, 3. #6 Calgary Cat. Long shot: #1 Commute.

RACE 6 (The King Edward): 1. #9 Hootenanny, 2. #4 Unbridled Juan, 3. #3 Monster Bea. LONG SHOT: #6 Shakhimat.

RACE 8 (The Singspiel): 1. #6 Bullards Alley, 2. #1 Aldous Snow, 3. #3 Reporting Star. LONG SHOT: Curlins Pride.

RACE 9 (The Dance Smartly): 1. #5 Suffused, 2. #4 Rainha Da Bateria, 3. #Uchenna. LONG SHOT: Giovanna Blues.

RACE 10 (The Queen’s Platge): 1. #5 Infelxibility, 2. #1 Channel Maker, 3. #3 Holy Helena. LONG SHOT: #6 King and His Court.

Good luck.

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