Del Mar, Horse racing

Del Mar selections for Sunday, July 31

Race 1: 1. Can’t Tough That, 2. Trojan Nation, 3. He Could. LONG SHOT: Pappou.

Race 2: 1. Where’s the Moon, 2. Ladies Man, 3. Rye Patch. LONG SHOT: Winning Causeway.

Race 3: 1. She’s My First, 2. Union Strike, 3. Jeweled. LONG SHOT: Sandy’s Surprise.

Raced 4: 1. Dissension, 2. Saint Mamie, 3. Anita Partner. LONG SHOT: Little Bit Lovely.

Race 5: 1. Unbridled Rocket, 2. Dothraki, 3. Selection. LONG SHOT: Where’s Bubba.

Race 6: 1. Deltalina, 2. Peach Cove, 3. Seaside Glory. LONG SHOT: Cuyathy.

Race 7: 1. Rocket Fuel, 2. Jazzy Times, 3. Schillairess. LONG SHOT: Pulmarack.

Race 8: 1. Home Run Kitten, 2. Dream Saturday, 3. Lord Nelson. LONG SHOT: Justin Squared.

Race 9: 1. Pee Wee Reese (BEST BET), 2. First Responder, 3. Admiral’s Club. LONG SHOT: Just a Bit Outside.

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