Del Mar, Horse racing

Del Mar selections for Sunday, Nov. 1

Hoep everyone had a good Breeders’ Cup and moved your clocks back.

FIRST RACE: 1. SUGAR SPICE (best bet), 2. Wild Street Party, 3. Charlotte R. LONG SHOT: Lust for Life.

SECOND RACE: 1. Iron Fist, 2. Sammy Mandeville, 3. Solid Wager. LONG SHOT: Just Kidding.
THIRD RACE: 1. Cowboy, 2. At Ease, 3. Heat. LONG SHOT: Change Tactics.
FOURTH RACE: 1. Coppa, 2. Andiamo, 3. All in the Proof. LONG SHOT: Candy Genovesa.
FIFTH RACE: 1. Second Proposal, 2. Ferocious, 3. Pepnic. LONG SHOT: Eddie’s First.
SIXTH RACE: 1. Pippappy, 2. Anda, 3. Warren My Boy. LONG SHOT: Mr. Coconut.
SEVENTH RACE: 1. Gender Agenda, 2. Elektrum, 3. Living The Life. LONG SHOT: Queen of The Sand.
EIGHTH RACE: 1. Swissarella, 2. Hide My Heart, 3. Abets Abet. LONG SHOT: Ipray.
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Friday’s top choice winners: 4 (Turn Your Eyes $2.80, second race;  Smokey Image $3, seventh; Bal a Bali $3.80, eighth; Fab Four Ever $4.80)
Friday’s second choice winners: 1 (Star of Munster $22.40, third)
Friday’s third choice winners: 2 (Sky Forever $11.20, fourth; Fishel $15, sixth)
Friday’s long shot winners: 2 (Storming Candy $14.40, first; Miss Star Maker $11.60, fifth)
Saturday’s top choice winners: 3 (Mokat $6.20, fifth race; Finest City $2.80, eighth; Sheeza Milky Way $7.80, ninth)
Saturday’s second choice winners: 1 (Aparri $9, sixth)
Saturday’s third choice winners: 1 (Pray Hard $6.20, second)
Saturday’s long shot winners: 1 (Crittenden $9.80, seventh)

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