Del Mar, Horse racing

Del Mar selections for Sunday, Sept. 6

FIRST RACE: 1. #3 SEND ME A SIGN (8-1) best bet, 2. Audra, 3 Lily Ka. LONG SHOT: Untouchable U.

This 3-year-old comes out of the most productive key race of the meet as five horses have come back to win their next race. The daughter of Include finished 10th of 12 but encountered when she was bumped at the 3/16th-pole. Jockey Mike Smith sees fit to stick for trainer Ron Ellis and so will we.


SECOND RACE: 1. Black N Beauty, 2. American Blend, 3. Accelerant. LONG SHOT: The Mad Hungarian.


THIRD RACE: 1. Baruta, 2. Tribal Gal, 3. Uzziel. LONG SHOT: Ben’s Duchess


FOURTH RACE: 1. Ipray, 2. L X Sunrise, 3. Belle Evon. LONG SHOT: Watdifrenzdzitmake.


FIFTH RACE: 1. #4 Cowboy (12-1), 2. Mixio, 3. Second Summer. LONG SHOT: Stardom Found.

The Papa Clem colt turned in an improved effort when moved to the grass and only figures to get better in his third race. Jockey Mario Gutierrez rode him in his debut for the underrated Bobby Wayne Grayson so he knows what this 3-year-old is all about.


SIXTH RACE: 1. Devoted One, 2. Lucky Folie, 3. Lemon Drop Sis. LONG SHOT: Mokat.


SEVENTH RACE: 1. Prospect Park, 2. Soul Driver, 3. Om. LONG SHOT: Crittenden.


EIGHTH RACE: 1. Yahoo Yahoe, 2. Toledo Eddie, 3. Just Kidding. LONG SHOT: Henry’s Holiday.


NINTH RACE: 1. She’s Not Here, 2. Queen of The Sand, 3. Aleix Tangier. LONG SHOT: Customer Base.


10TH RACE: 1. Saint Dermot, 2. Roman Tizzy, 3. Tulira Castle. LONG SHOT: Celebrity Status.

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