Horse racing, Santa Anita

What a wacky week at Santa Anita

Maybe it was the five days of racing that turned Saturday into some of the most improbable results ever at Santa Anita.

Heck, if an 85-1 long shot wins the last race you know it’s a wacky day and public handicapper’s nightmare. Anyone who had more than two or three winners should be put into a Hall of Fame.

One thing seemed evident all weekend, the inside and speed were good at Santa Anita. New track surface, same old problem. Seemed like jockey Iggy Puglisi might have been one of the only ones to notice as he brought in a long shot to finish in the top three.

Any way, closers didn’t have a good week so just put a line through their races last week.

Been busy with work and handicapping so time to get caught up on results from the last week and start handicapping for the coming week.

Good luck.

Jeff_Nahill on Twitter


Thursday’s top choice winners: 2 (Anxious Times $6, second race; Privileged One $5.40, fifth)

Thursday’s second choice winners: 3 (Peaches n’ Brandy $7.60, second; Lotta Attitude $5.80, sixth; Chief Lion $7.80, seventh)

Thursday’s third choice winners: 0

Thursday’s long shot winners: 0


Friday’s top choice winners: 2 (Believe Too $7.60, third race; Mega Heat $7.40, sixth)

Friday’s second choice winners: 2 (Marla Hooch $17.40, first; Popover $2.80, fifth)

Friday’s third choice winners: 2 (Thesheetsguy $4.80, second; Patriotic Brother $6.60, fourth)

Friday’s long shot winners: 0


Saturday’s top choice winners: 1 (Seduire $10.60, seventh race)

Saturday’s second choice winners: 0

Saturday’s third choice winners: 0

Saturday’s long shot winners: 0


Sunday’s top choice winners: 2 (Kill Shot $3.80, fifth; Rainbow North $5.20, seventh)

Sunday’s second choice winners: 3 (Logan’s Moon $6, second; Metaboss $3.60, fourth; Shrinking Violet $22.20, eighth)

Sunday’s third choice winners: 1 (Won’t Be Shaken $9.80, ninth)

Sunday’s long shot winners: 1 (Warren’s Gussie $21.80, sixth)


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