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Thank God for Golden Gate horses (and New Mexico, too)

In case you hadn’t noticed lately but there seems to me there has been an influx of Golden Gate Fields horses in the Santa Anita entries.

At first thought, I believed it was because Golden Gate rarely (if ever) runs turf races at this time of the year due to the weather. Supposed it rains a lot this time of the year, but the last time I checked we were in the middle of a drought.

So in looking at the entries for Thursday and Friday this week there seemed to be a lot of GG horses. There are five on Thursday and seven on Friday. Of those entries, only three are on the turf so 25% are here for grass racing. The other 75% is running on the dirt.

And in point of truth, if it wasn’t for the entry of two Golden Gate horses, Friday’s first race wouldn’t be run, and maybe that’s why it took so long to fill the Friday’s races on Monday. Two of the five horses in Friday’s first race have been running in Albany.

Maybe that’s why Santa Anita shouldn’t run more than four days a week. Period. This week there is an extra day due to the Presidents’ Day holiday. Or maybe they should have run just eight races on Monday and saved a fuller field for Thursday or Friday?

All I know is Santa Anita should send Golden Gate horsemen some flowers or something for helping to fill its races.

And if you think Santa Anita trainers haven’t noticed the lack of entries in races all one has to do is look at Peter Miller. Twice in the last few weeks Miller has imported horses from New Mexico to win races. He did this last summer at Del Mar because Del Mar Thoroughbred Club was offering a bonus to enter the starting gate and a purse bonus. Miller isn’t waiting around to do this again. He’s going for the money right now.

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Monday’s top choice winners: 2 (Bench Press $4, third race; Hearitforthegirls $14.60, sixth)

Monday’s second choice winners: 2 (Keyboard Courage $7, first; Garen $8.20, second)

Monday’s third choice winners: 3 (Toledo Eddie $7, fourth; Pontchatrain $7, seventh; Rovenna $4.80, eighth)

Monday’s long shot winners: 1 (Dixieland Blues $12.20, ninth)


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