Horse racing, Santa Anita

Santa Anita picks for Sunday, Oct.13

FIRST RACE: 1. Black Witch, 2. Blonde Fog, 3. What a Spot. LONG SHOT: Melanistic.


SECOND RACE: 1. Wittgenstein, 2. Changethechannel, 3. Silver Hustler. LONG SHOT: Rock and Glory.


THIRD RACE: 1. Bajan, 2. Spring Moon, 3. Smoove It. LONG SHOT: E Equalsmcsquared.


FOURTH RACE: 1. Calameera, 2. Joeandbetty’sbaby, 3.Elusive Luci. LONG SHOT: Horsesanddivorces.


FIFTH RACE: 1. COSTAMAR (best bet(, 2. Wild Caroline, 3. Contrasting. LONG SHOT: India’s Song.


SIXTH RACE: 1. One Time Only, 2. Divine Tale, 3. Legacy. LONG SHOT: Lake Maracaibo.


SEVENTH RACE: 1. Half Dome Dude, 2. Ol’ Steely Blue, 3. Position A. LONG SHOT: Justa Gusta.


EIGHTH RACE: 1. Our Pure Creation, 2. Tiz a Classy Lass, 3. Warren’s Rosebud. LONG SHOT: Journey On.


NINTH RACE: 1. Warren’s Cliff S., 2. Kingsbury, 3. Full’s Kris S. LONG SHOT: Ice Cream Truck.

Saturday’s top choice winners: 1 (Takem by Surprise $9.20, third race)

Saturday’s second choice winners: 1 (Cast a Doubt $10.40, second)

Saturday’s third choice winners: 4 (Tortola $18, first; Silver Wings $8.60, second; Trelawny $9.40, fifth; Qiaona $19.60)

Saturday’s long shot winners: 1 (Empty Headed $8, ninth)

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